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« on: 14:11, Thu 30 October 2008 »
I`m from leeds west yorkshire and meeting him in durham
because ive owened 6 r5gtt`s already and know what to expect with them,thats why im not going all the way to scotland for it.

he said its been respayed not to long back..
but a good old bit of elbow grease wouldnt harm anyone!

Well i love my renault 5 gt turbo if i won the lotto id still drive a 5!LOL

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« on: 12:01, Thu 30 October 2008 »
because im suppose to be doing a deal with the owner at the end of november for my vectra 2.5 v6 gsi msd for it and id like to make sure hes not messing me about and it has whats stated it has fitted!..

General Chat / Anyone got any info on this r5gtt?
« on: 00:35, Thu 30 October 2008 »
Anyone got any info on this or use to own it?


Your cars /
« on: 01:33, Tue 02 September 2008 »

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