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Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 13:58, Sat 16 June 2012 »
couple of photos...

Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 20:27, Fri 15 June 2012 »
well their is a white one on ebay at 5k at the min, but mine needs little miner things doing none mechanical so ill be asking 4200 ono

Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 17:51, Fri 15 June 2012 »
5s now out of the body shop and it looks very nice
will add photos tomorrow
also its going on ebay tomorrow night if anyones interested in it?

What a shame it looked like a very nice 5

Newbies / Re: Hello
« on: 17:24, Fri 15 June 2012 »
hi and welcome to the site..
im selling my white 87 phase 2 if you intrested?

Location Wombleton YO62

details etc..

anyone intrested?...

Hi james did you smash c12 gtt up or just scrap it?

Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 14:04, Sat 31 March 2012 »
Well i picked the 5 up and shes PASSED with  NO ADVISORYS!!!!!
After been stored for the last 12 years i dont think thats bad
will be taxing the car on monday morning and ill be running her for awhile

Ive got a problem now tho the misses dont kno that i have the car and she hates them
silly woman i know  lets she her face when its parked outside the house lol

General Chat / Re: Anyone in Huddersfield area
« on: 23:59, Thu 29 March 2012 »
im in leeds give me a pm if you need a hand

Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 23:38, Thu 29 March 2012 »

Engine has been stripped and put new...

brake lines
fuel lines
fuel filter
oil filter
water pump
timing chain
standard downpipe and back box

its all back in now and going for mot on saturday

everythings crossed

thank you very much for that has he still got it?

Quote from: "ben marks"
That's a nice 5 i would say ya should have never let her go !
Shame few mods but not to much really nice lol

wish i didnt sell it  and as for the mods silly of me wasnt it  :lol:

Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 23:56, Sun 12 February 2012 »
lol no just a  little at the bottom of the window screen
 in the middle like most get
and a little on the bottom of the drivers door that's it

works factory is always hot so i left it their next to my blast booth so its never been wet in a while

Your cars / Re: finally out of storage
« on: 23:47, Sun 12 February 2012 »
all mots up to 2000 that's the last time it was on the road,
im a shot blaster so do i bear shell rebuild now, or just strip and get what it needs for mot and run it a couple day then bear shell it over this coming winter????

parts it would need now id say was

engine strip
replace any worn pipes (with standard)
water pump
oil pump
break lines
timing chain

Your cars / finally out of storage
« on: 23:27, Sun 12 February 2012 »
brought this a long while back
it has mountain of history original sale receipts hand books etc..
been off the road for 12 years..
now its going to see tarmac again this summer if we have one  :wink:  

the labour of love starts again!!...

and just to make it veryyyyy clear its standard and staying that way...

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