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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Digital speedo
« on: 18:16, Mon 19 October 2009 »
I woudnt mind one either, has anyone emailed carisma who built the car?

Events/Shows/Cruises /
« on: 23:14, Wed 19 August 2009 »
yea im going but off with my local club

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 17:13, Mon 20 July 2009 »
any pics?

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 15:27, Mon 20 July 2009 »
exact same problem mate stressed me right out on the weekend even tryed putting the old hose back on but still no joy

Changed all my hoses over on the weekend and ive got trouble sealing the hose from carb base to inlet manifold its leaking on the inlet manifold side any ideas what to do?

Events/Shows/Cruises /
« on: 14:07, Thu 25 June 2009 »
Im goin with my local club

Events/Shows/Cruises / Modified Mania
« on: 11:41, Thu 25 June 2009 »
Modified Mania on 26th July

2009 brings a new venue with Smeatharpe stadium nr Honiton. Also new for 09 is The Modified mania Top 25, These will be some of the BEST modified cars from around the UK which would have already been through the pre show judging from 5 different catogories to leave us with the 25 Finalists - The Winner driving away with 200 + Trophy + Car care products by Autosmart.

Advanced entry tickets are available at 5 per person ( or 8 on the day) Children Under 13 are FREE (No more than 3 kids per adult)
Show car driver 5 (in advance only)
Passenger 5 (or 8 on the day)

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 23:15, Fri 19 June 2009 »
Quote from: "Billiam"
Don't go for a copper one.  If yours needs replacing, go for an OE Valeo one.  Proved to be more than up to the job, and will last.

There about 150 aint they, and alloy core aint they?

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 21:31, Fri 19 June 2009 »
thats what i got but i bought a mocal oil cooler a while back

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Alloy rads
« on: 15:21, Fri 19 June 2009 »
what do you guys think of them and what price did you pay for yours?

Your cars /
« on: 20:08, Tue 05 May 2009 »
This is what my mates and me done on saturday

Swapped the dowpipe

Also swapped the front pipe for a larger bore one forgot to take a picture thou

and swapped the backbox

Lil vid of the sound of the car after we changed the exhaust system ... 14-001.flv

Your cars /
« on: 20:03, Tue 05 May 2009 »
This is the latest stuff done this weekend just gone

Decided to change the steering wheel afta seeing this one on ebay

Sorry for the crap pictures

Your cars /
« on: 20:00, Tue 05 May 2009 »
Laser cut dials and surround

Chrome boot catch

Stainless battery tray

New bonnet vented and sprayed up

Dials fitted into dash

Chrome surround and heater controls

Chrome seatbelt rails

Brushed alloy stearing boss

Shot of inside the car

Your cars /
« on: 19:53, Tue 05 May 2009 »
Started to clean the brakes up because the old paint was looking a bit tatty and I decided on a change of colour



Carriers and disks fitted

Wheel back on

Centre cap on

Shot of the car

Your cars / My R5 project
« on: 19:49, Tue 05 May 2009 »
******Please dont be put off by the kit it will be returing to semi o.e when funds allow*******

Well where do I start Ive owned my R5 for about 5 years now and hears how it looks

I have started to do a few thing to it in the last few months since ive had it fixed will post up some more pics of what ive changed, Things are going slow due to lack of money but its getting done slowely

let me know what you think

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