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Your cars /
« on: 21:24, Sat 06 September 2008 »
Quote from: "schakal"
finland is my favourite place on earth 8)  
nice car my friend , are there many old renaults over there ??

also got the original turbo badge for the grille
if interested ?

Yes. We have several old Renaults.

My friends have couple of R5 GTT, two R11 Turbos, Renault Alpine V6 Turbo (three actually), Renault Gordinis (I think that almost 20), also two Renault 5 Turbo2...etc...

Actually I am interested...please send me an emai:

Your cars /
« on: 17:51, Sat 06 September 2008 »
Time to update.

Today I took benches and some other things out off car and I will take those to our local upholsterer. I haven't decided the colors yet. I think leather and maybe alcantara are materials that will be used...who knows...

Cylinderhead is at machinist. Realistic power expectation should be over 200hp.

I bought new Security-/alarmsystem also (Hornet T564) and necessary equipments that I can use Remote Start. That alarm is nice, there are several nice properties that can be used in my car.

I ordered a steeringwheel, a gearknob and HUD. I also found a new turbo heat shield, which is made from Carbonfibre :D ....

More is coming soon :) ...

Other Renaults / New gauges into my car, but what kind of?
« on: 11:35, Tue 26 August 2008 »
I have R11 Turbo and I am looking for new gauges into my car. I don't want those "standard Autogauge" gauges. At the moment I have Greddy PRofec B Spec II in my car, but I would like to find more.

Do you guys know that is there some digital gauges / infometers that can be used in old Renaults?

Your cars /
« on: 06:30, Tue 19 August 2008 »
Yup. I need to do a lot of more before it is ready, but I will keep this topic updated and I will post more pictures soon.

Your cars /
« on: 19:01, Mon 18 August 2008 »
Here is a car that I am normally using:

Your cars /
« on: 18:47, Mon 18 August 2008 »

I almost forgot....if somebody has one to sell, then I would like to buy Turbo logos to my R11 Turbo....anyone?

Your cars / New paint! R11 Turbo from Finland
« on: 18:45, Mon 18 August 2008 »
Hello all...  :D

It is good to see that here are people who has turbo charged Renaults :) ...

I have been chatting with Arturus about his Zender. Mine is "standard" R11 Turbo, but I am modifying engine little bit more.

Now I have T25 Turbo with 2,5" downpipe. Exhaust manifold is totally worked, actually one Sport 2000 race driver designed and build it. It is nice  :P  8) .

I bought Greddy Profec B Spec II to control boost etc.

I have National Performance Clutch, which should be able to handle 250hp.

I bought parts to build whole exhaust system again.

I took my carburettor to local tune shop and they machined carburettor to maximum size.

Yesterday I bought new cylinder head where are maximum size valves... :D this week I will take that to tune shop. They will little bit work with cylinder head and we will measures maximum flow from the head.

I have also replaced all the bearings, water pump, and seals from the engine. That should help little bit.

Boost pressure that I am going to use will be about 1.2 bar. I will post some pictures from the project when it goes further.

When I bought this car it was in poor condition :( ...I have to rebuild whole car and replace most of the parts. I am lucky that this car is not in daily use...I use Renault Megane II Break to that thing...but during this autumn and next winter I will repaint, weld etc. whole car.

At next spring I will start to use this car and take it to track. :D

Here is some pictures in "original condition" about month ago...

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