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Spotted a nice G Reg Tungy on 29th Dec in Peterborough.

Was in my Black Mondeo of Love & gave the drive a thumbs up but I think he thought I was stalking/takin the pi$$  :lol:

Car looked nice with some racing seats

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 17:53, Thu 02 December 2010 »
Quote from: "Billiam"
Quote from: "bazr5gtt" how many 5 owners on here own evos  aswell ?:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Guilty!  Here's mine:

WOW!! That's a nice car mate!! It looks like an EVO that's owned by a guy on the RTOC called Bill J but he's a C0CK!

 :lol:  :lol:  :wink:

Good to see you've got dual nationality also mate!!!

Newbies / Re: newbie ( Renault bod )
« on: 18:00, Wed 20 October 2010 »
Hi Matt!!

Welcome to the Club! I look forward to seeing the progress of your car having re-built mine a few years ago also.

Do you have any pictures of the backbox you got from Renault?? I'm tempted to buy a new one myself but am unsure what tailpipe you get now?? Is it still the peashooter or does it have the Chrome tip??

I'll have to give you an e-mail and have a chat about the VAG thing, I own Flan's Clio Valver Vag thingy & am thinking of doing something different with it and a 5  :wink:

General Chat / Re: Buget Power Gain
« on: 15:11, Fri 08 October 2010 »
Quote from: ""
its not a perminant thing, i just want it for the one day/night

If you turn up the boost for one night without re-jetting the carb you will be left with a blown headgasket GUARANTEED!!  :?

Your choice is to either spend the money to get it properly set up or spend nothing on it & blow it up!

General Chat / Re: Cambridgeshire owners?
« on: 16:31, Thu 23 September 2010 »
St Neots Here!  :D

Events/Shows/Cruises / Re: RTOC National Day 2010 - 14/08/2010
« on: 21:52, Tue 17 August 2010 »
Quote from: "scratcher"
How did the Twingo get on?  8)

Andrew Cooke's?? Was going well!  :wink:

Didn't see you their Scratchy?! Where were you my pedigree chum?!  :?:

Events/Shows/Cruises / Re: RTOC National Day 2010 - 14/08/2010
« on: 02:42, Fri 30 July 2010 »
No you haven't got to be a member to come along.

80 for non members for the full day!!

If you're interested please let me know?  :wink:

Do it yourself / Re: 20v Turbo conversion.
« on: 18:14, Wed 07 July 2010 »
Quote from: "andybond"
Awesomeness !

You mind me asking if you have any contact details for the chap ?

Which Chap? Yes i have contact details for both gents!  :wink:

Do it yourself / Re: 20v Turbo conversion.
« on: 10:49, Wed 07 July 2010 »
Duncan Greir on RTOC owned the Car
Scoff on RTOC did a lot of the custom engineering

You basically need a modified subframe & engine mounts & then all of the relevent 20V Turbo bits.

I've a MK1 Williams with the 20V conversion in. I didn't do the work, a guy called Flan on WilliamsClio did it.

My car runs 246 BHP & is proper quick!  :lol:

Here's a load of pictures of my Clio. ... eveT/Clio/

Events/Shows/Cruises / Re: RTOC National Day 2010 - 14/08/2010
« on: 07:50, Mon 05 July 2010 »
Anyone on here buying track time for the day??

80 open pitlane all day.  :wink:

General Chat / Re: Gran Canaria'n Turbo
« on: 22:40, Tue 27 April 2010 »
WIN!  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Changing an instrument panel's light
« on: 09:02, Mon 05 April 2010 »
Put your hands on the clock screen and push the clocks in an upward direction towards the windscreen & the clocks with lift up about 5mm and then you will be able to remove them.

Your cars / Re: R5 GT Turbo Bleu Sport (Raider) from Holland
« on: 17:07, Sun 31 January 2010 »
Nice Car Teupie!  :wink:

If you like you can paint your turbine's for the original Bleu Sport look  :)

General Chat / Re: RTOC down
« on: 10:16, Thu 14 January 2010 »
Quote from: "JRP - SAT DIVISION"
bah humbug

May we have to shift the swingball over?!  :P

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