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« on: 16:45, Sun 23 November 2008 »
Top marks for checking otherwise you'd be looking for a new headgasket as the water pump wasnt doing anything!!!

Yeah sometimes they throw themselves off for no reason, i always carry a spare belt & a couple of 13mm spanners! - Just in-case

Newbies /
« on: 13:29, Sun 23 November 2008 »
TDC Sensor?? Or more likely the TDC Sensor plug on the little bracket next to the carb..?!

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 13:28, Sun 23 November 2008 »
As long as the car is well serviced & in good overall condition it will be fine, no problems at all.

I used to drive my 5 at no more than 70mph becasue I had concerns but then i went on the RTOC Nurburgring trip in 2007 & wanted to keep up with the convoy there.

Therefore i was running along at 80 - 95mph & the car was great.

My tip is to keep an eye on the boost gauge & apply the throttle carefully to try & keep the boost low for better MPG but had no problems with temp.

Enjoy the car mate, theyre touher than most people think!! ;)

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« on: 19:55, Wed 12 November 2008 »
Which is fastest...... How long is a bit of string??

Difficult to compare now a days as all the cars are getting on & some may be looked after & some may be nails therefore giving you a false impression??

My Feelings on the subject are as follows:

Renault 5 GT Turbo - Class!
Peugeot 205 GTi - 1.9 is great round the bends but just feels flat to me without the turbo rush.
Fiat Punto GT - My mate had one of these with a SEBchip, Uprated Intercooler & Exhaust & i handed his arse to him EVERY TIME we raced each other at Santa Pod. Have a look here:

Fiat Uno Turbo - This same mate of mine had one of these when we were lads & i had my 1st GTT & again i would kick his arse from a standstill but then he would catch & pass me by about 80mph.

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« on: 18:44, Wed 12 November 2008 »
Yeah sorry about that omission, the new series does start on the 5th January 2009.

Thanks for pasting my link on here Steve L, I want to keep you all updated.

Looking forward to the airing of the show! :D

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« on: 08:35, Wed 05 November 2008 »
Hi Guys,

Yes the rumours are true, i've put my car forward for the 5th Gear Shootout vs the Renaultsport Twingo 133.

Thanks to Lee for posting this on RTOC as well as here.

Pictures of my car:


Should be a good show as she's very mecahnically sound so well up to giving the Twingo a run around Milbrook!!

Filming is now going to be next Monday & Jason Plato will be driving the it.

Wish me luck!!!  :wink

General Chat /
« on: 22:30, Fri 27 June 2008 »
Keep you eyes peeled on RTOC for an August/September trip later this year ;)

I've been there a couple of times now, 1st time in my Raider with 9 other 5 Turbo's.

Everyone got there & back with no problems! I laugh in the face of people now who say these cars are unreliable!!!

And here's one of a few video's i did follow Jesus round the track in May 2008 when we went the second time


Events/Shows/Cruises /
« on: 22:11, Fri 27 June 2008 »
i'll be there ;)

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 22:56, Mon 16 June 2008 »
From Renault Much Cash!!

From any motor factors i believe it's a Mini Metro Rad Temp Switch!! With the Bung! ;)

Newbies / Big Steve Raider from RTOC
« on: 15:20, Fri 13 June 2008 »

You've probably heard of me if your a member of RTOC, if not allow me to introduce myself as Big Steve (with a) Raider! :D

I've been a member of the RTOC for a number of years now and own a 5 Raider together with a Clio 16v with a VW/Audi 1.8 Turbo Engine (Out of a TT or S3).

Here's a link to a few pictures of my cars: ... =669177592

I usually go to almost all of the Renault Events such as French Car Show, Renault World Series, RTOC National Day etc so Chances are you'll see me there.

I'm not the all knowing one on 5GTT's but having stripped & re-build mine i know a few things about it so will certainly help you where possible!

Steve ;)

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