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General Chat / Re: just had my phone bill
« on: 19:46, Fri 06 January 2012 »
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
Post your issue over at Money Saving Expert website. The link below should take you straight to the mobile section of the website. ... y.php?f=14

Hopefully you might get more help from people there. I went on there many moons ago when Scottish Power were taking the piss and charging me twice for my electric bill.

General Chat / Re: just had my phone bill
« on: 15:04, Fri 06 January 2012 »
yeh... and grovel i did, no budging though, people say there are numbers and people u can ring to get thing like this fixed but when ever i ask they say they cant find the number or remeber the friend who did it or what ever... its like the mate that nos the kid who will put ur car though a M.O.T.. and when it comes down to it the only thing the kids good for is making tea.. o well learning the hard way is never fun  :cry:

General Chat / just had my phone bill
« on: 15:41, Thu 05 January 2012 »
alright guys, a bit of a depressing start to the month, worse than going back to work, i went over to south Africa for 2 weeks and managed to get my self  grand in debt with orange, god dam data roaming charges, who knew  :twisted:

im just about bout to move into my first house (some time in the next month) and was hoping to get my raider on the road before,

every things all fekd now, just wondering if any of u cleaver cats out there could help me maybe avoid paying this so i can get my raider road worthy this month

all comments welcome  :cry:

General Chat / Re: Anti Freez
« on: 23:01, Thu 15 December 2011 »
how do i check? take the rad off? nice one

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Perc fan and fuel pipe help?
« on: 08:15, Fri 09 December 2011 »
Quote from: "ben marks"
Cheers mate that's the same for me seeing videos of 5s on fire :shock:  not good seems a waste now i have made it look new  :roll:  lol do people not have problems wit starting when hot ? I no they had a recall for fitting a fuse in the wiring for it which i have done as i replaced the wiring to it

ive never had one fitted to notice the difference, i think it will take a bit longer for u to start ur car, but its not much i dont think, and u might have a nice car that starts fine on hot starts, i seem to get lucky with my raider  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Perc fan and fuel pipe help?
« on: 23:06, Thu 08 December 2011 »
yo dude i think most people wil tell u to maybe leave it off, ive never had one, and have only herd and seen (on youtube) horror stories of the things paking in and catching fire, some people still use them though  :D

General Chat / Anti Freez
« on: 10:54, Wed 07 December 2011 »
alright guys, its a bit naughty i know nut i filled my 5 up with straight water the other day, just to turn it over but now i know it dosent leak and runs, i obviously need to put a bit of antifreez in, in my old mans garage i have red and blue from halfruds and i was just woundering which one i should put in, they both say suitable for cars before 1996

and also how much do i have to put in?? like whats the mixx??

thanks for the time  :D

General Chat / Re: Cheap Turbo 2 Maxi !!!
« on: 14:36, Wed 30 November 2011 »
ur sofa betta be huge

General Chat / Re: Battlefield 3.
« on: 14:38, Thu 17 November 2011 »
Quote from: "Big Supes"
Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
I haven't got BF3 yet, more likely after Xmas (hoping to see what Santa brings me)

Worryingly i have heard similar reviews. Some say the Bad Company 2 is still the better game, Battlefield 2 is showing it's age (i had a couple of games over the weekend) but it's still the game i have poured the most hours into online.

I would have to agree that Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a better game. They've tried to do too much with the third one which has ruined the simplicity of it. I had real high hopes for BF3... damn shame.

I got sick of the same old routine on COD which is why I went over to Battlefield. Coming back to Modern Warfare has been great though. They ironed out a lot of creases. If you want the noob-tube, you have to sacrifice your sight, and the maps make it a lot harder for people to camp. I'm loving the new guns, customisations, and kill streak rewards. Also forgot how good the graphics were compared to Battlefield.

I think I'll always pop on Bad Company 2 and 1943 from time to time. They're classics.

yeh the game play is so diffrent with way u rank up, the perks, ur care pakaegs can ither be offensive or deffensive, loads of extras.. although u cant dive like on black ops :( and the hord (there verison of zombies) is quality, and like mw2 every thing looks and sounds pretty bob on.. unlike bo witch i thought was a bit cartoony and a bit lame (like all of there other games) although it was intended for 3d which not many people have, i still played it to death thou :lol:

General Chat / Re: Battlefield 3.
« on: 20:06, Wed 16 November 2011 »
Quote from: "Big Supes"
I ended up trading it in and going back to the darkside - Modern Warfare 3.

good lad  :twisted:

General Chat / Re: any one from south wales ?
« on: 11:28, Sat 05 November 2011 »
alright mate there is a small handful of us in Cardiff..... numbers dwindling slowly though

General Chat / Re: Knocks on your door?
« on: 19:46, Thu 03 November 2011 »
i had a few knocks, one was a old owner who dident seam to remember the reg plate,

i was always surprised, with the amount of people could tell me what road i live on, even when im at a cruz 40 mins away from Cardiff, i live right by the hospital on one of the main roads out so its always busy,, and my old mans a volvo driver so there's no room on the drive  :lol:   i have left the window fully down all night so many times its unlivable, don't think i ever locked the boot, and the passenger door wouldn't always lock with the drivers key, and its never had any hassle from local rude boooi's they all just take photos on there phones.. or trip over the wheely bin  :lol:

my thoughts were that it had achieved legendary status through the likes of max power n ali g, so they just leave it alone  :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Removing the dash....3 top clips?
« on: 15:13, Wed 02 November 2011 »
dude u gotta be quite assertive with it, there are times when it might feel like the dash is gunna snaap, but u just gotttta keep pulling,

the method i used was to push up from under the foot wells then kinda try and pull it out, if u can see the the 2 clips that hold the side of the dash and the way they clip on it might help understand they way the top ones work.. they are a little different though i think,  

if all else fails take the long black air vents out the top of the dash, and maby get a long screw driver to get a bit of leverage on em, u can just about see them thorough the vents

try not to let them clip back in once u have released them, and although u might not want to  be prepared for them to snap, there easy enough to change,

hope that helps

Your cars / Re: Just bought another car...
« on: 10:40, Sat 29 October 2011 »
Quote from: "5teve L"
Quote from: ""
whats the little switch for fella?
I post up loads of piccies of nice big turbo's, machined flywheel, ecu & wiring & you pick out the switch that does F/A  :lol:
It had an alarm & that was the over ride switch I think.

 :oops:  :cry:

Your cars / Re: Just bought another car...
« on: 21:37, Fri 28 October 2011 »
whats the little switch for fella?

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