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Your cars / Re: Any1 know the whereabout of my old 5's?
« on: 20:01, Sat 24 September 2011 »
yeh there F-ing quick. mines 320 bhp with a short ratio box it can be scary. depends how you drive them ifyou take it steady off boost then youll get aroun 24 mpg. if your on boost all the time make sure theres a fuel station within 5 miles of you... lol

Your cars / Re: Any1 know the whereabout of my old 5's?
« on: 19:50, Sat 24 September 2011 »
yep defo thinkng of another. ive got a pulsar gtir at the min & love it.

but once you get the 5 bug you cant get rid off it  :D

Your cars / Re: Any1 know the whereabout of my old 5's?
« on: 18:48, Sat 24 September 2011 »
yeh it had the big disc conversion when i had it. gears wer ok aswell its had a few more owners tho since i owned it. so its not got the VNT turbo on anymore then!

Your cars / Re: Any1 know the whereabout of my old 5's?
« on: 17:21, Sat 24 September 2011 »
LOW lol not sure how low i bought it like that.

i saw it on pitonheads a few months back & it did have DOTS wheels on iT & it had been put back on stilts lol

it had a VNT turbo on ehen i had it runnig 17psi. it used to spin up in 3rd gear in the dry...

God i miss that white 1. biggest mistake of my life selling it :(

Your cars / Any1 know the whereabout of my old 5's?
« on: 23:21, Fri 23 September 2011 »
Has any1 seen anything of my old 5's?

The tungy's reg was H7 GTT

The white 1's reg was G263 XNE

General Chat / Re: 3000 Budget
« on: 15:29, Sat 30 April 2011 »
ill let you no kalve. iv not made my mind up yet. & it probably wont be utill the end of may if i do?  :)

General Chat / Re: 3000 Budget
« on: 17:53, Wed 27 April 2011 »
hmm  :?  another reason i wanted to go low comp aswell is coz the standard compression ratio  on a 5 of 7.9:1 is crap & quite high so even tho fueling would be set up its still stress on the h/g running high boost then after time. i no k-tec are running standard pistons & comp ratio in there 5's at 30 psi but they only probably run them once a month at santa pod or sumwhere... where as running 20 psi every day even with fueling set if you think about it that comp ratio is quite high. with low comp your going to have more volume of air in each cylinder = less stress on head & h/g... if that makes sence lol  :?

General Chat / 3000 Budget
« on: 15:49, Wed 27 April 2011 »
Well i havent been on here for a while as i sold my 5 & bought a pulsar gtiR. Thing is i just cant get the 5 bug out of my system so thinking of selling the pulsar & returning to 5 ownership  :roll:  anyway as we all know the annoying thing with 5s is the headgasket probs.
so my plan is to buy a 5 for around 500 that is a tidy 1 but has a knackerd engine or somthing. as i want to build the engine myself (low comp & forged) as im sick to the back teath of blowing headgaskets even after having fueling set up. ive owned 3 reni 5s now n& done the h/g's on 2 of them. so here is my plan to provent h/g failier.

low comp forged pistons.
forged rods.
steel liners.
group a h/g & high tensile head bolts.
head work.
285 cam & pully.
copper core rad.
in car fan swith.
fueling set for 20 psi

most of it if i can find it will be second hand as we all know none of us want to pay k-tec's prices for new parts.
ill spend 500 on a good clean car with a blown engine as ill obviusly be rebuilding it. so that leaves me 2500 for build!
what do you guys think? & will it be more reliable on the h/g side? will i do it??  :?

Your cars / Re: 1991 Tungy ph2 gtt
« on: 02:35, Sun 11 July 2010 »
how are them koni's i sold you mate??  :)

Your cars / Re: well the 5s gone :( Pulsar has come :)
« on: 14:03, Thu 01 July 2010 »
cheers guys. im finding it alot of fun :) alot more fun thatn the 5 but the 5 is betta coz of wot it is if that makes sence??  :lol: but the pulsars arnt for the faint harted put it that way. there f***ing fast  :D

Your cars / well the 5s gone :( Pulsar has come :)
« on: 01:35, Thu 01 July 2010 »
rite where do i start? well on the way home from modified nationals car show in the 5 my temp shot strait up  :shock:  so first thing was oil cap off & guess what... yep youve guessed it.  :x  :(  anyway the recovery guy offerd me 1650 there & then so i snapped his hand off... i do miss it tho :(  so time for more power i thought so here the 5 & below is the new weapon...  :D

mods are:
1 bar boost
ap 4paddle clutch
3" mongoose exhaust
lots more im unsure off?

General Chat / Re: Sold the 5 agen!!!
« on: 22:46, Tue 01 June 2010 »
no i didnt check for det. maybe that was the prob?? oh well to late now  :? yep gona go for a pulsar i thnk!!!

General Chat / Sold the 5 agen!!!
« on: 14:33, Tue 01 June 2010 »
well on the way home from modified nationals car show on sunday the headgasket decided on the 5 for the 2nd time... just had fualin set up & was running 17psi so dont know why it went?? anyway the recovery guy said he'd take it off my hands for 1650... so i snapped his hand off seen as i only bought the car for 1750  :twisted: lol... anyway i sold it coz i couldnt be botherd replacing the H/G & risk it going agen 200 miles down the road. had enough of replacing H/G's now :roll:

anyway just after a bit of advise off you guys as to what to get next?? i would realy like a SAPPHIRE COSSIE but cant realy afford 1 yet  :?  so ive got my mind set on either an EVO 3 or a PULSAR GTI R??? wot wud u guys go for out of those 2??  :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: crunching in to reverse??
« on: 15:14, Tue 18 May 2010 »
i hope not to. lol im just trying my best not to use reverse lol. it will more likley be somthin or nothin. fingers crossed!! my car is at the rollin road at min getting fualing set up so cant do anything till i get it back  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: crunching in to reverse??
« on: 12:45, Tue 18 May 2010 »
im gona get it on ramps tomoz n go over everything. pedal & adjuster seem ok & look like new?? so im baffled?  :?

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