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« on: 23:53, Sat 02 August 2008 »
Depending on how much rust it is on the car. It might actually not need a respray if you do the job right.

Wet sanding is a great way of getting it done. Remember when wet sanding to not go in circles, either sideways or up and down.
This might take you all the way from 5 to 20 hours depending on how much of the matt black paint that is on the car.

Then its time for the rubbing, I reckon if you use a rotary machine and a wool pad on it, you will use about 6 hours on the whole car. And its no use trying to do this by hand.

Polish, use the same machine with a soft foam pad takes from 2 to 4 hours.

Wax applied by faom applicator. Do NOT use a machine for this unless it says so in the instructions. Takes up to 30 minutes to apply and 15 min to wipe off after it has hazed..

If its a worst case scenario your looking at 31 hours of work.
but it could be well worth it if done properly :)

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« on: 23:29, Sat 02 August 2008 »
unless youre planning to respray the car, stay away from coarse and medium sanding!!!

Use 2000grit or finer. takes forever, but then its only to use some good not too agressive rubbing compound, polish and wax :)
Doing that will most likely make youre car shiny and showing off its tungy colour  8) Anyway its many hours of work....

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« on: 23:20, Sat 02 August 2008 »
ouch! phase one bumpers are expensive to... :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 17:45, Fri 01 August 2008 »
If you want to do that, you should really consider buying a low temp thermostat. and a low temp sensor for the fan as well... If youre thermostat opens at 92C the there wont be any circulation before the water reaches that temperature. And if you change the sensor as well the fan will cut in much ealier(around 73C i think)...

The swich is the easy part:

Find out if the sensor cuts the earth or plus cable, most likely it cuts the plus cable. If that is the case do the following

stretch a cable from the + on the battery into the switch in the dash. (remember to have a circuit braker on this side as close to the battery as possible)

Strech a cable from the switch to the plus side of the fan, between the sensor and the fan obviously. Remember to isolate well with good tape or shrinking thingies, cant remember what theyre called. And then youre done, then you even have the sesor as backup if you forget the switch..

hope it helps :)

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« on: 17:29, Fri 01 August 2008 »
Hmm My MOT list was far more expensive... ended up costing somewhere around 400 in parts only... grrr

I wish Id get a list that short next time.

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« on: 14:37, Fri 01 August 2008 »
I think the kit looks good actually, but it look like its going to be an insane amount of hours with sanding. And of course if youre a bit sloppy on the sanding, especially where the parts of the kit is blendet in, it will look crap.
Other than that its a cool kit in my opinion.

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« on: 15:18, Thu 31 July 2008 »
Well the FMIC has been fitted now I only have to move it dow about 2" so that itll fit nicely behind the bumper  8)

Heres some pics of some of the work thats been done lately... (yeah i know the cars not as clean as it should be...) :

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« on: 14:21, Sun 20 July 2008 »
student at the moment... when Im done next summer Im going for a offshore job as a prosess technician.

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« on: 14:10, Sun 20 July 2008 »
Quote from: "dave_123"
not so sure you were right about the 200sx they are a good car ive had 2 of them and loved it every time it rained drift on my son  :twisted:

Dave_123: Hehe wasnt my intension to insult anyone. Its just that there are a bit too many of these cars in Norway. You can drive for 5 minutes and youre sure to spot atleast one 200sx. however you must agree that its one of the cooler mobile barbeques youve seen.

kial: Yeah the golf was very cool, and lots of mods have been done to it, including a dash transplant from a mk4 golf, which isnt exactly an easy job. And yeah the Uno was insane, and fast as F###. Oh and the event was from 10th to 13th of July. It was more than 46000 people that attended the show.

Your cars /
« on: 22:24, Sat 19 July 2008 »
Thanks  8)

Hehe yes we have more speedramps here than normal road... It havnt been much trouble yet, tho Im fitting 2mm steel plates under the bumper to avoid expensive resprays if i hit some of these.

Oh and YES theres actually a good reason why im fitting a FMIC now... The old one blew up!!! :lol:  litterally hehe.

As stated before, I really could use som more detailed pics of how the pipes should go. I cant see where the pipes go on the pics in the DIY section.

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 22:14, Sat 19 July 2008 »
How much does a rev limiter like this cost?

And is it much work fitting and adjusting one of these?

Your cars /
« on: 03:37, Sat 19 July 2008 »
I can only tell you the obvious things done to it. Smoothed boot, bad boy bonnet, universal front mount intercooler, crystal clear rear lights, dump valve fitted, "lobster back" on the carburator, full set of silicone hoses in the engine bay, yellow for oil and water hoses and blue for air...

But you probably allready know all that  :lol:

It does not look as it have had the cup mod, so exept for the intercooler its not easy to say whats been done to it and whats not.

Your cars /
« on: 02:33, Sat 19 July 2008 »
Wow! nic looking ride you got there 8)

just gotta love the mods on it :D

btw give me a pm if you ever want to sell the rear lights... they look too good, me wants... hehe

Your cars /
« on: 12:18, Fri 18 July 2008 »
because we all love pics of our fives im posting some more now.

And of course I need to show off my new showplates :D

Your cars /
« on: 12:09, Fri 18 July 2008 »
Well the cars rolling on 16"s now

sorry about the bad quality picture. its just to illustrate.

At the moment im trying to mount a FMIC and a 13row oil cooler.
both are the universal type.

Does anyone of you have more detailed photos of the pipeline from the turbo to the carb? It would help me alot.

Also one more thing. The silicone pipes I got with the IC seems to be way to tight, is this normal? at the moment im considering using an angle grinder to try to get the pipes to fit. I guess that isnt te best of ideas.

Im also fitting a 2mm steel plate under the front bumper to avoid costly resprays.

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