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Your cars / My little 5 GTT project
« on: 21:03, Tue 27 May 2008 »
As youre about to see there was ALOT of bodywork to be done on this one.

Some pics of the bodykit before work and respray

Here its back from respray, and ready for reasembly

And here it is reasembled, exept for te F#% petrol flap which had one of those horrible isotta stickers. so im still waitng for a new one as the one ive got got F%# when trying to remove the sticker. other than that i guess im pretty satisfied with the cars appearance, except lowering it and getting some 17"s for it  :)

Ice /
« on: 20:30, Tue 27 May 2008 »
Its pretty easy to use 6,5" sets ive got a 6,5" pioneer set with separate tweeters. The only problem using these sets are that the window can hit the speakers magnet. To avoid that from happening, fill the speaker hole in the doorcard, using fibre glass. Then cut a hole with a tight fit for the speaker. Then mount the spaekers in the doorcard, and Tadaa... good enough clearing  :D

Also if you choose an expensive component set, use a good amp to power them. Only way to get it better than this is more speakers  8)

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