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General Chat / how many??
« on: 09:53, Thu 24 July 2008 »
hi lads
how many r5's do you reckon are left in gb

actual road worthy r5's


Renault 5 GT Turbo / turbo timer??
« on: 11:16, Thu 17 July 2008 »
hi lads
ive posted a topic bout this before im sure but
i was looking to get a turbo timer..and it sparked a debate about i dont need one and what not
id like one but cant find one that is supplied with wiring harness for my 5

anyone know which company or make or model that does them for r5's

General Chat / scuttle covers
« on: 10:54, Thu 17 July 2008 »
i got a set of scuttle covers...after having such a hassle finding them
 ive been thinking of making my own custom ones for ppol
airbrushed or just simply coloured acrylic

would anyone be interested in this sort of thing???

hi folks

wondering if any of u can help maybe a daft question here but im scratching my head on which one to order

on the forge site its called a water swirl pot...and on the ktec site its called a de gassing chamber.

i attached a look so if any can find time to look it wld be much appreciated.
d ... ct=FMSP069

General Chat / karma???...wts th script
« on: 09:17, Sat 12 July 2008 »
well th other day i was out mukn around wiv th car and this girl pulls up next to me in tears..cryin bout she lost her dog and had i seen it??
i didnt so i said no...she ws so upset tht i told her a cpol places to chek and to give me her fone number if a seen it then id fone her.
she went away and realising how sh1tty i wld hav felt...i went up stair and asked my good lady to come wiv me and go lookin for th dog.
had a walk about and a look for the dog for bout an hour...foned the woman to see if she had got it...she found it awayyyyyyyyy along th road

excellent...she ws happy and tht ws th end of tht.

ma dad sayd thts a nice wee bit of karma for u.

last nyt at haf 1,,,sum jockey and his burd pulled up in a blak hack out..and wer walkin to their door..but on passin my girl...whose obvious drunkeness made her legs give way, thought that it wld be amusin to use my car as a handrail on her fall to earth.
not many cars can hold the brunt of a fat bint hangin of the bumper...especially mine as its an 89 r5 and was needin the bumper fixed on a bit more sturdy as th brackets wer needin replaced.

but what does ma f'ing head in is how us(modifiers) spend hundreds...and thousands on our cars and some waste of space reject that is no doubt on the social..thinks its acceptable to take there hard earned money...get pissssed on th 20 quid we gave them(tax) and f;uk it all up in one go??????????!!!!!!!!!!!????????????

as u cn tel am fairly not amused

i went to th door and was greeted by a big polish guy...who infact...was 10x more respectable than th stupid tramp and her sideshow of a boyfriend who gave me the exscuse d u kno it wsnt like tht wen we got ther.

moral of my rambleing is...KARMA

is it worth it???
i go out my way to try and help(as a lot of us do)...and then get royally shat on for the kind helping???

Renault 5 GT Turbo / carb questions
« on: 11:42, Thu 10 July 2008 »
on the any screws are there???
1 on each side or ????
and if there is one on each side....which one does what????
cheers ladsssss

Your cars / new engine bay pic
« on: 11:56, Tue 08 July 2008 »
new pic of my engine bay after bit of a clean

added blue hoses and some other bits...before and after
what a difference
soon be on to the bodywork...

check my anti perc fan...i do if anyone got bits wanting done let me gona make myself a set of custom airbrshed/perspex scuttle covers this this space

what u all think anyway??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / camshaft valve spring upgrade.
« on: 13:46, Thu 03 July 2008 »
hey ppol
hope your all doin good and im here again to annoy the life of u about a couple of things.

here goes.
ive done a lot to my car over the last month or so...and im trying to do more.
next on the shopping list is camshaft and valve springs and short shift..
but what will this do...and should i do it??
im a big fan of ktec and the best camshaft they got is th piper 285.
is this an easy job to do or is it an engine out job???
as im not doin it myself im just tryin to get an idea so i ca budget on cost for labout and what not.
any help would be good..
cheers lads

Your cars / my r5...again
« on: 10:51, Tue 17 June 2008 »
hi ppol
my r5 at cars and rides show in scotland

ps dont mind the ebgine bay its dirty lookin but soon to be sorted


wt u all thnk?

Your cars / one pic...finally...
« on: 09:17, Fri 06 June 2008 »
hi ppol.
been slabberin on bout getting a pic up but not had the use of a camera.
my mate took this one just after the front mount and stuff was fitted so here it is...

bit dark and rubbish looking but its better than nothing.


oh yeah the renault badge and stuff isnt on....but bear with me...hahaha

Renault 5 GT Turbo / staring up issues
« on: 09:08, Tue 03 June 2008 »
helloooooo ppol again.

got some start up issues id like to put out to you folks
when starting up my car sometimes really struggles.
ive had th starter checked..chenged the plugs
done most of what i assume would be the problem.

when i start up in the morning i pull choke out and give it a gets there but eventually

if i stop then try to start up again half an hour later it does th same thing
im real confused as some mates and ppol r telling me dont use the choke when the cars warm..and blah blah

any good advice please???

Renault 5 GT Turbo / turbo timer?
« on: 14:37, Mon 19 May 2008 »
anyone got any recomendations on a decent turbo timer for my 5??
i was thinking gredyy
but so many others pop up
any help would be appreciated

Renault 5 GT Turbo / hose sizes/diameter??
« on: 11:15, Mon 19 May 2008 »
hi dose anybody know straight off the size/ diameter of pipe from induction kit to the turbo

my viper kit is on a 90 degree bend facing the wing
so its a really tight bend
i want to move it up so the feed for the viper is point straight to the grill
i think ill need a couple 180 bends or something but im not sure ofthe sizes
my cars parked at a mates garage and its a nytmare to get too plus im at work
so if anybody knows then tht would be a greattttttttttt help

cheers lads

Ice / custom install...custom everything
« on: 16:23, Fri 16 May 2008 »
hey people

been throwing up a million posts recently bout my new r5
heres one for the ice heads

well im gonna do the install myself....start from scratch
myt aswell...
but need advice on how to do it
thts the problem
best ways to start....materials possibly needed...

this would be a help..

painting and all tht isnt a problem...i do itll be getting a fair dose of that...
its just doing the most important bits tht d need help with
poss 2 12;s or 15's.
amp roof mounted..
nothing mental mental...jus fibreglass and really different
also looking to remove all dials and speedos etsc and replace with gauges and put a screen or 2 in its place???
what you all think??/
can be done??/
if so id love tips ideas and feedback
thanks ppol


Renault 5 GT Turbo / group a carb fitting
« on: 14:07, Fri 16 May 2008 »
hi people

i got my carb through from ktec today along with thermo and thermo switch so im well happy

seeing that i am not clued up on mechanical stuff its going to a garage to be fitted this week along with front mount.

can anybody think of anything i can advise him with before he does it...jus so i dont get the car back running like a bag of spanners???

i was told buy a friend that the carb or carb elbow has something on it to do with setting fuel air mixture??/
am i right

just so i know
any help would be greatly appreciated


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