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General Chat / click on this
« on: 19:32, Sun 11 January 2009 »
i took this from my other car club

General Chat / scottish get-together
« on: 21:06, Wed 19 November 2008 »
well as said in the title

personally ive seen one other 5 up here my whole life and even at that it wasnt anythin to write home about

so are any of u local scotty chaps up for havin a wee meet

obviously wen all cars are well and ready??
open to suggestions and meeting places.
somewer central is fair for evryone to travel so any input wld be good

post up if your interested

as i said it doesnt have to be next week just in the coming future would be good to put face to names


General Chat / clio 16v dash??
« on: 09:29, Thu 13 November 2008 »
can i put a clio 16v dash in my 5.
i ws told by a guy i clld but ive never seen this done.
any pics?? on fitting etc?
thanks chaps

General Chat / now we kno wt heaven looks like
« on: 11:05, Tue 11 November 2008 »

as said at least we know what heaven looks like...and if u have been good in your human life the wrappers come off...the baldy man disappears and you can take them all to the nurburgring


Your cars / scottish tuning show and my car
« on: 15:22, Sun 09 November 2008 »
pics of mcar and my mates subaru at the scottish tuning show

a lot more to come

what you all think??

General Chat / best coilovers?
« on: 17:16, Tue 04 November 2008 »
looking for a set of coilovers
anyone recomend a set and wer to buy as im kinda stuk for lookin as they all mean the same to me except the price

General Chat / afr/wideband goals?
« on: 17:04, Tue 04 November 2008 »
well all the raffling ive been doing bout a wideband and now im gona buy one and get my wee mate to weld in the bung but
what should i be doing when i get it.

i know it all changes in diff gears and what not.
but what sort of figures shld i be aiming for.
does it depend on what power ur lookin to run and what turbo to have or??


Renault 5 GT Turbo / d/v removal
« on: 08:40, Mon 03 November 2008 »
pk this is a bit of a stupid rhetorical question but here it comes.
if i remove my dump valve will i get pidgeon noises ??
sorry folks but a friend argues no and i argue yes!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / ceramic coating
« on: 14:51, Fri 31 October 2008 »
been thiunkin of sending my down pipe and turbo elbow down south to be ceramic coated.
does this help with under bonnet temps?
and does it have any performance gains at all
cheers lads

General Chat / hydraulic suspension??
« on: 09:05, Sat 18 October 2008 »
anyone seen it on a 5??
and does anyone know wer to get it done apart from rayvern??

General Chat / forget the vid...those rear lights!!
« on: 14:25, Fri 17 October 2008 »
seen this vid
wer did he get those rear clusters

i want them

any ideas folks??? ... re=related

General Chat / spanish 5's
« on: 14:08, Thu 02 October 2008 »
pic from spanish 5 club i joined

5's as far as th eye can seeeeeeeeeeee



Renault 5 GT Turbo / paint
« on: 18:31, Tue 16 September 2008 »
how many litres of paint do you think you would need to do a 5???

i seen house of kolor stuff for sale on a site and they sell it in one litre bottles so i was just wondering how many bottles wld be needed to do it.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / lost...again
« on: 08:56, Tue 16 September 2008 »
im totally lost wen it comes to wheels i desperately wnt a new set and all i see is offset this and et that.
i dont have a bloody clue can someone break it ryt down so maybe i can get a grip and understand it in a basic format


ill start with this.
i want ronal turbos...on a site ther offering 2 sizes 7x 15 inch with et 28
and the same but with et 37.

am i right in saying the bigger th et then the wider the wheel???
ul probably see this and be like THICKO as i satrted a topic about this b4 and stil dont have a clue

thanks lads

General Chat / classic insurance
« on: 12:08, Mon 15 September 2008 »
what age does a car have to be to fall into the classic insurance bracket???


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