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Renault 5 GT Turbo / driveshaft
« on: 15:51, Sun 08 June 2008 »
On the drivers side driveshaft is there ment to be a pin/bolt that goes though the sleeve and though the shaft on the gearbox, theres a hole there which goes though the sleeve and shaft so im thinking there must have been?? sorry if this is not very well explained its the best I could come up wiv.  :?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / recaro seats
« on: 21:31, Thu 22 May 2008 »
has anyone tried fitting recaro rs turbo seats to there r5, I just thought about it earler as im breaking my rs turbo and thought they are 10 times better than the r5 seats. the subframes look totally different but maybe its been done before.

Your cars / my r5 Update 8th march
« on: 17:38, Mon 12 May 2008 »
Hi chaps just got myself a r5 about a week ago, I usually into my rs turbos but im fed up of it being broken all the time and cant be arsed to take the engine in and out anymore times lol.  Im really enjoy this motor great fun, having a bit of problem with the fuel pump but got a new cuming tomorrow so should be all good.  I shall get a few more pics of the bay soon looks like its had a fair amount of money spent on it but un aware of the specs as the last owner doesnt know, anyway the pics :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / boost
« on: 21:45, Sun 04 May 2008 »
Hi im new here and just brought a r5 turbo, will be putting pics up soon!  Just a quick question which way do I turn a bleed valve to lower the boost as it is running way to much and just want to be on the safe side. cheers

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