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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Wiring + Pipes With Pics!
« on: 13:12, Thu 06 November 2008 »
Ok i made a post yesterday ..thought id at least get a reply but i recon its cos it said "Some Help!" lol .

So here's my problem converting my clio with a 5gtt lump ..i was given a box full of wiring for engine loom and a box full of pipes. Here's my dilema ive no idea where some of them go.

I hope that one of you have a few pics of where each wire goes and a few pics of the pipes..especially round the carb. Also need an idea where my oil pipes go too.

If you could help me that would be great. Its all i need to finish this conversion as engines already bolted into the subframe.

Sorry for long post  :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Some Help!
« on: 13:43, Wed 05 November 2008 »
Hi folks

At the mo im converting a mk1 clio with a 5gtt engine. Here's the thing i didnt strip down the 5gtt so ive no idea where any of the engine loom goes! Also the pipes near the carburator confuse me  :lol:

Is there any chance anybody has some detailed pictures of the wiring loom and the pipes.. ive tried dialogs of pipes but there was a few pipes i had no idea about  :lol:

Thanks in advance folks  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / turbo questions
« on: 17:03, Sun 13 January 2008 »
right folks im pretty new to this whole turbo'd engines malarky lol.

Im getting a T25 turbo for my renault 5 turbo its original turbo has blown.

As far as im aware its a standard engine.

what will i need to upgrade in the engine bay for the t25 turbo?

Also do i get the car to produce the wastegate chatter noise (dont worry..i aint putting a dump valve on it  :lol: )

P.s this engines going in my mk1 clio  :)

Thanks  8)

Newbies / Im new
« on: 20:31, Tue 01 January 2008 »
hi folks from scotland. I own a mk1 phase 1 clio. Got a 5gtt turbo engine and a t25 turbo lined up for it. So just thought id join and say hello  :)

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