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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Turbo
« on: 13:49, Mon 18 February 2008 »
How do you know if your turbos on the way out??? Its not smokin :shock:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Induction kit
« on: 17:39, Fri 15 February 2008 »
Alright guys, just got a induction kit after having a few other bits done and was wondering if there was any good ways of getting good cool air flow to it. Have a double capacity intercooler so can't stick it up there, Ive got a cold air feed running to the filter but wondered if a heatshield of some sort would be any good? If so does any1 produce them? Any help would be ideal! Cheers :D

Your cars / 87 GTT
« on: 20:41, Wed 06 February 2008 »
Not the best pictures :oops:

Day after I brought her

General Chat / Pimped and then nearly puked..
« on: 13:47, Fri 18 January 2008 »
Alright guys. Just thought I'd post a lil bit bout my trip I had the other day! Went upto gt tuning to get a few bits done. Ended up gettin the beast dropped, looks welll mint. Got the double capacity intercooler wacked in :). Also had an adjustable timing sensor and the full pro cockpit conversion. So wen I went to pick it up later that day, expecting to be able to give it a little bit of a thrashing back down the m5, I was gutted to hear that the clutch was nigh on fucked, slipping bad :( felt like crying ha) Anyway drove it back on just under standard boost and didn't have any problems, going back up to get an uprated 1 fitted early next month. Can't wait to test the full boost! O yeah been trying to get some pics up but struggling, cos im stuuupid ha :oops:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Idle jet
« on: 18:18, Thu 13 December 2007 »
Alright guys, wondering how i go about cleaning my idle jet.. any help apreciated cheers  :shock:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / help!!
« on: 15:23, Fri 07 December 2007 »
Hey guys, fitted my dump valve today, at first totally sweet but once I'd been running for half hour or so it doesn't want to idle!? It's a phase 1. I read something the other day about a fan ??? cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Slamin'
« on: 13:26, Wed 21 November 2007 »
Hi. Not had my 5 long but slapped my 15/195/45's on it a couple of days ago,
and now its in serious need of droppin. I was wonderin if anyone has any recomendations on which are the best shocks for me, baring in mind I want to go as low as i Can without having to do any arch work.
Cheers for any help :roll:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Dump valve
« on: 17:08, Wed 14 November 2007 »
Hey. Not had my 5 long and want to put a dump valve on. I've read the piece on this site about fitting, but still not to sure bout doing it myself. My engines totally standard and so's the boost, wat's the best valve to go for and if I buy 1 with a fitting kit is it likely to come with it's own fitting instructions? Cheers

Newbies / south west shout out !
« on: 16:55, Wed 14 November 2007 »
Hey all. Just signed up, brought a 5 Turbs a few weeks ago.  :D

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