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Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 20:16, Sun 05 December 2010 »
Impractical?  They've got 4 doors, a nice big boot, mod cons, they're easy to drive - What more could you want?

They're not that bad on fuel.  I get about 170 miles to 50 driving 'normally'  :lol:  

They're a bargain now.  Silly cheap, for what you get!  Just pray you get a good one, or it could cost you a mortgage!  :cry:

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 20:38, Thu 02 December 2010 »
Thanks guys  8)

Scratcher - There seems to be a few sets of A-Tec's appearing for sale on the MLR lately, and they tend to be pretty cheap.

Thompson - P155 off   :P

Steve - Tell the missus she can have it for 12k  :lol:

Icelle Blue is the best colour imo, but I do like the Reims Blue a lot as well.

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 21:11, Wed 01 December 2010 »
I've been thinking about getting Lee to have a go at mine, but I'm desperate NOT to turn the boost up  :lol:

My mate's getting his TME done by him soon.  I've heard nothing but good things.

Your cars / Re: My Evo V
« on: 19:35, Wed 01 December 2010 »
Quote from: "bazr5gtt" how many 5 owners on here own evos  aswell ?:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Guilty!  Here's mine:

General Chat / Re: engines
« on: 00:21, Sun 02 May 2010 »
Quote from: "andybond"
The c1j is the engine thats in the 5 turbo ..

The 5 Turbo uses a C6J engine.  The C1J is in the 5 gt turbo.

General Chat / Re: Is it worth paying 25 to join RTOC?
« on: 07:24, Mon 05 April 2010 »
Quote from: "kz"
I do think it's rather expensive though, more than all the other forums I'm subscribed too put together!

Look at what you get for your money.  How many of the other clubs you're in offer such heavily subsidised events.  For example, where else are you going to get an open pitlane trackday, on a proper UK circuit, on a Saturday, for 50?

Another reason for the high (well, higher than it used to be) joining fee is to hopefully try and attract more genuine enthusiasts, and keep the chavvy, 5 minute fly-by owners away.

It's far from being the most expensive club as well.  I'm a member of the MLR, and that's 35 per year.

General Chat / Re: wastegate chatter
« on: 07:12, Mon 05 April 2010 »
Wastegates don't chatter.  The noise has absolutely nothing to do with the wastegate - It's the unused boost going backwards through the compressor.

Your cars / Re: Back in a 5.......
« on: 07:08, Mon 05 April 2010 »
I'd LOVE a set of the Enkei WRC multispokes for mine (the same as those TME ones, only wider), but I can't fit 17's on my car because of the brakes  :(

I do plan on getting my wheels powder coated white though.

Your cars / Re: Back in a 5.......
« on: 15:40, Mon 29 March 2010 »
The back roads round Ockley are A LOT better than the ones round here  :(

Your cars / Re: Back in a 5.......
« on: 22:13, Sun 28 March 2010 »
Quote from: "5teve L"
Man I love my car  :mrgreen:  so much fun, a bit like a 4wd version of my old GTT. (which I miss  :cry: )

That's just how I see mine.  My Evo is the only other car, along with the gtt, that makes me grin every time I drive it  :mrgreen:

I've been down your way 'ish' a bit lately Steve.  My latest 'Sunday Afternoon Route' goes down the A29 through Ockley, then clipping Horsham, before heading back up the A24  8)

General Chat / Re: Is it worth paying 25 to join RTOC?
« on: 16:59, Sun 28 February 2010 »
It's the best money you'll ever spend on your car.

Your cars / Re: Back in a 5.......
« on: 20:18, Sat 13 February 2010 »
Steve, if you're going for 1.5 bar, don't forget to change the fuel pump.  The standard one is only good for 1.3 bar, apparently.....

General Chat / Re: hi all
« on: 17:35, Sun 03 January 2010 »
It sounds to me like you've bought a 5 gt turbo, not a 5 Turbo.  You won't get a 5 Turbo on an F-plate.

General Chat / Re: Thoughts on gtt
« on: 14:36, Sat 19 December 2009 »
Paint three lines through the 'patch'.  Bingo, a Renault 5 with a comb-over.

Well, it'll be original!

General Chat /
« on: 09:27, Wed 09 September 2009 »
Quote from: "5teve L"
Has anyone tried dyeing a red or grey carpet black ??

Oh yes!  I've seen several "attempts" at dying red carpets.  There's a reason why it hasn't caught on  :lol:

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