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Your cars / New Car not a Renault
« on: 12:01, Mon 05 August 2013 »
Well I have had enough of R5 GTT's been playing with them for the last 16 years just had enough of them now lack of time due to the family, work and age it's time I moved on. So the blue Rwd R5 has now gone to a new home.  Unfortunatly I basically gave the car away :-(.  I have gone and bought myself a Jap car :-) 

374bhp a few mods but to be honest it's quick enough for me

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Will gt brake discs fit campus
« on: 09:11, Thu 01 August 2013 »
I think the calipers for the GTT are different as vented disc's if you can replace the entire hub from a GTT with GTT caliper and disc you may even be able to pick up cheaper clio valver setup which have better / bigger wheel bearing's in.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 GT-T 172 Swap
« on: 09:08, Thu 01 August 2013 »

My friends has a Renault 5 gtt with clio 172 engine swap NA (F4r 730) and what i want to ask is what kind of fuel pump he can use

For N/A conversion any external efi pump from a similar sized engine car, if he's going turbo Bosch 044 or Walbro 255lph. 

If it was me I would look for a standard sapphire cosworth pump.

Events/Shows/Cruises / 3rd July 2013 RTOC surrey meet
« on: 21:57, Mon 24 June 2013 »
It's coming up for that time of month again wednesday 3rd August 2011 

For those that know it's the normal location for those that don't - Social club lower kingswood on the A217, KT20 6SZ just off junction 8 of the M25. Arrival is normally 7pm onwards.

Get you name down on the list be good if some members of here actually came to an arranged event 

Newbies / Re: Hello from Kent
« on: 21:55, Mon 24 June 2013 »
Hi Neighbour welcome to the forum I am down in West Sussex matey so not to far.  Car looks good well done

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: f7 conversion
« on: 12:30, Wed 15 May 2013 »
If your using the std r5 gtt metal mount you need to retain the top hole and the lower 2 holes get drilled, it's best getting the engine in the bay on crane and aliging up marking mount and then drilling the 2 extra holes.

Sorry no pic's of mount it's easy to do

General Chat / Re: Members locations
« on: 14:04, Tue 23 April 2013 »
James5 - West Sussex - UK

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 (work in progress)
« on: 17:01, Tue 16 April 2013 »
Rich, you coming surrey meet next month?? be good to see you and the 5 again?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: group a carb
« on: 10:54, Thu 11 April 2013 »
Sorry dude wasn't saying what you said was crap I meant the guy that sold you the grp a.

I think your next investment needs to be the wideband kit before you do anything else to the 5.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: group a carb
« on: 16:45, Wed 10 April 2013 »
Quote from: "r555gt"
Quote from: "James5"
To be honest you would be better sitcking a standard venturi carb on your 5.  I take it you have a wideband afr kit with gauge?? if so it's a case of playing with the air corrector and 2nd stage jet to fuel for more boost.

I dont have the afr kit mate but i still have 2 standard carbs sitting there and the group a carb, the guy that had the car before me said with group a carb it was pushing out an extra 30bhp but im not really all that clued up too well about engines lol

All engine's are different the carb needs to be fine tuned to your engine and the boost level your engine is capable of.  I would go back to a std carb and buy a wideband kit before you turn the boost up above standard.  What turbo are you running? also what cam is in your engine? any other mods to your car? intercooler type?  

For example a std carb from renault factory gave 120bhp with a few jet adjustment's on a std carb my last c1j setup was around the 230bhp area.  

Saying the carb gave an extra 30bhp is just crap.  My advice is buy a decent wideband kit before you doing anything else for example the AEM Uego kit as sold by

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: engine block
« on: 14:10, Wed 10 April 2013 »
Quote from: "Nrg"

Your welcome  :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Engine bay pictures
« on: 12:57, Wed 10 April 2013 »
If you still need I am currently working on a 5 can take a couple of pic's any specific ones your after?? I assume as this is an old post you have this sorted by now

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Brakes
« on: 12:55, Wed 10 April 2013 »
front pads I would recomend DS2500, with some standard disc's or crossed disc's, rears stick with standard setup and pad's

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: engine block
« on: 12:53, Wed 10 April 2013 »
The lip is where the liner seal sit's and seals when you put the liner in place

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: [window regulators]
« on: 12:52, Wed 10 April 2013 »
Quote from: "mean machine"
the motor as diferences, no sure about the frame itself.
i'll try to compare the two.
meanwhile, if anyone has any information on the subject, i t will be most apreciated.


Clio window motor and mech are totally different

When you say dying you mean slow? if so remove the regulator / mech and clean and lube it up with some decen grease.  The motors themselves do tend to fail but most renault from the same year had the same window motor's or contact Mike @ GTTurbo spares whom can supply decent condition ones

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