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Newbies / Re: Helllllloo
« on: 15:48, Wed 02 July 2014 »
Welcome to the forum, get yourself a little project thread going always good to see progress and work done

General Chat / Re: This site
« on: 11:45, Wed 23 April 2014 »
Due to lack of LEE site admin moderators for some reason at present our unable to ban anyone, I can't delete all posts by myself I have no time.  Anyone got any contact with LEE

General Chat / Re: Classifieds
« on: 09:37, Fri 14 February 2014 »
whats happened with the classifieds???

What do you mean it's still there?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: gtx mounts
« on: 09:35, Fri 14 February 2014 »
I have a modified c1j one that will allow fitment of your f4r engine

Your cars / Re: my new raider.
« on: 09:33, Fri 14 February 2014 »
Loving the raider remember seeing Dean have this and work his magic on it

Your cars / Re: my new raider.
« on: 09:32, Fri 14 February 2014 »

I wouldn't say this forum is dead but it's near on close to it!

not just yet but going that way unfortunately really could do with merging with the newer bread of turbo renault's

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: remote central locking and wiring
« on: 21:31, Fri 17 January 2014 »
Your best bet is to contact Mike @ GTTurbo spares he will have 2nd hand or brand new part's that you need

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 GT bottem end
« on: 23:09, Wed 15 January 2014 »
Yes it is possible to replace the big end shells only, to do the main's crank needs to come out, big ends just need the conrod caps undone and pistons pushed up a tad to enable new ones to go in.

Were you located? maybe someone local could assist

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: remote central locking and wiring
« on: 23:07, Wed 15 January 2014 »
You will need the matching receiver for the roof console and the key fob sensor, earlier clio's also used the same system and some other renaults aswell so a few more options for you. 

Ref hot wiring it's a 5 honestly only a couple of wire's lol,  if you have igniiton barrel problems best just to get hold of a descent one from any 5 be it gtt or base model with key

Your cars / Re: My GT Turbo in Germany
« on: 23:48, Mon 06 January 2014 »
Fantastic work better than when it left the factory :)

Do it yourself / Re: 20v Turbo conversion.
« on: 23:47, Mon 06 January 2014 »
Gents, great info in this thread! I have picked up a bit from DG and Scoff during the build on the RTOC, but have you got anymore info and/or pictures on the driveshafts?

I may have some pic's (might take me some time to find) as when I done my conversion rwd 5 vag I done what scoff original done on his vag conversion which basically cut the shafts to length and then lath the gtt shaft down to slide in the VAG shafts, oh yeah and castle joined them welding together

Newbies / Re: HI new here!
« on: 22:57, Fri 27 December 2013 »
Welcome to the club, unfortunatly your link doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

15 years old crikey hope your driving only on private land :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Clio 172 engine In gtt
« on: 18:15, Sat 23 November 2013 »
Thanks for reply I'm looking at running rebuilt standard engine on 1.9 mm gasket. Turbo low boost approx 245 bhp what couch should I get could I just leave the standard one I only do a few miles.
I may need help am just getting started what's it like in the 5 with this conversation
Cheers bud

You can run the std 172 engine on turbo fine but with the higher comp you will be limited to say 7psi of max boost this will still be quick if you want more boost the compression really needs to come down,

Ref what the conversion is like I done the n/a conversion and pulled it out after 100miles and went back to a tuned C1J as I missed the turbo LOL  I ended up doing a year or so later an F7p foully forged turbo conversion and that was rapid.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Clio 172 engine In gtt
« on: 17:42, Wed 13 November 2013 »
Hi guys any help appreciated I'm gonna put a 172 2.0 in my 5 what clutch is needed to mate 2.0 on the gtt box I have read the advice on the how to page but don't understand
Also thanks lads

Assume you may have sorted this now seeing as post was september but Ill answer anyway :-)

Std clio 172 clutch is fine if your sticking with N/A conversion if your going turbo then I recomend a paddle setup fitted,in order for the box to mate up fine you will need to remove both the front and rear gearbox locating lugs to the block otherwise you will be in trouble.

If you need anymore help doing this let me know as I done this conversion a few years back so know a bit about it :-)

Your cars / Re: New Car not a Renault
« on: 15:51, Mon 05 August 2013 »
No doubt I will have another 5 at somepoint, never know could be an EVO powered GTT

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