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Newbies /
« on: 21:01, Sat 25 August 2007 »
Cheers fellas scooby vent came off my matees car as he upgraded to STI. lol

I'vee added more pics to the 'Your Cars' Section.

Newbies /
« on: 21:00, Sat 25 August 2007 »
Boost not that high but eninge was not built by myself. I'm thinking of spending a bit on it to get it to a decent spec. (what would you sugest for cooling as car runs very hot I think thats why the liner cracked.

Your cars /
« on: 20:34, Sat 25 August 2007 »
Depends what class you want to enter really but there will be one to suit your car what ever the spec best thing to do is pick a championship and tweek your car to suit. I reccomend the All Circuits and check out the regs online see:

TWMC run this sprint championship.

I enter in the modified production sports and saloon cars over 1400cc up to 2000cc  (as its a turbo you have to enter the above 1400cc classes)

Oh you will also need to be in an MSA recognised club and hold a Non Race National B or higher race licence see

Hope this helps

Your cars /
« on: 18:23, Sat 25 August 2007 »
Events usually range from 70 - 150 check out the All Circuit Championship. Covers Goodwood Lydden Pembrey Silverstone (Stowe) and Brand Hatch. (and you get a trophy is you're good enough.. :wink:  )

Other than that it's track days which are good vaule for money if you're an occasional nutter!!

are those pins on your boot doin anything

Yep lol they hold the boot shut  :lol:  Nothing left of the boot latch you see (saving weight)

Your cars / More pics of my Coupe Cup R5T
« on: 16:18, Sat 25 August 2007 »
Me in a monsoon as Goodwood

Liniing up for sprint

On the Grid

Arty Shots by the girlfriend

Your cars /
« on: 16:02, Sat 25 August 2007 »
Yeah have loads pics I'll sort some out.

I used to sprint a Peugeot 205Gti 1.9 in Standard 2000cc class which I win yay!!  I'll find some pics of that as well.

Your cars /
« on: 15:38, Fri 24 August 2007 »
Yeah already been racing pictures where taken at Goodwood earlier this year.. (Came 2nd In Class and 14th overall out of 100 entrants!!)

The wheels are origional coupe cup steels so a bit reluctant to change them. But may do later on when I have the spare cash.

Your cars /
« on: 16:37, Thu 23 August 2007 »
Cheers - Theres a lot I need to do to it to make it perfect!!'

I'm not sure at present but should be able to my grubby hands on friends tracking equipment so will find out. But the front has 'loads' of camber!!  (It has camber correcting brackets fitted) and the rear I think is 0 degrees.

Your cars / My Super Coupe Cup R5T
« on: 09:40, Thu 23 August 2007 »
This is my R5T Super Coupe Cup racer which I sprint. (I love this car!!)

It's one of the  very last Renault 5 Cup Cars to be built by Renault Motorsport for the Renault 5 Elf Cup Series, this 1.4 Turbo race car went on to compete in the Coupe Cup & then the Super Coupe Cup. The car also competed in Renault Motorsports 30th Anniversary Meeting in the Renault 5 Celebration Race at Thruxton in 2004 where the car finished 12th out of 26 5's.

It has also appeared in and was on the front cover of Retro Cars December 2005 edition.

The car has been developed for competing in sprints with the addition of several performance parts from the original Cup spec as below but will be changing soon as engine blew at last sprint at Silverstone. (Cracked Liner)

Cup Spec plus the following:

Turbo Dynamics T25 Hybrid Turbo
Forge Front Mount Intercooler
K-Tec Side Exit Exhaust with 2.5 turbo elbow and downpipe.
Group A Dump Valve
Cup Spec Oil Cooler
Samco & Race Spec Hoses
GT Tuning gas flowed lobster back Carb top

Newbies /
« on: 09:03, Thu 23 August 2007 »
Yeah you are quite correct it's the sister car to Tony Hart's was once owned by Prima Racing. (Wish mine looked like his does now! Maybe one day!)  :lol:

Newbies / Hi Another Newbi
« on: 16:36, Wed 22 August 2007 »
Hi I've just found your website and thought I'd join.  :D

I've an ex-Coupe Cup R5T that I've been sprinting this year and the last part of 06. Unfortunately my team mate blew the engine in practice at Silverstone last weekend. :O((
(Not really his fault though)
The engine gave way big style with large plumes of white smoke!! (Liner cracked on No.3)

So will now be Rebuilding the engine to a better spec. (I'm sure I will be bending a few ears with load of questions shortly as I've not owned a R5 before... So Far I've only taken ht ehead off hence knowing the liner is cracked.)

Here's a few Pics anyway

My Baby.

Broken Liner No.3.

Action at Goodwood earlier this year.

Any hope to speak to some of soon as I'm sure you've got a wealth of knowledege that will be invaulable...  :wink:

Oh also own a Clio 182 (Called the bean due to the colour!)

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