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Your cars / Bonnet
« on: 15:02, Fri 05 September 2008 »

Where did you get your bonnet?

I'm thinking of changing mine as it's not my cup of tea....

Your cars / Photo's of my R5 Coupe at Prima
« on: 16:35, Thu 04 September 2008 »
Here are a few Pics taken while at Prima Racing....

Your cars / Off to R-Road @ Prima Racing
« on: 13:32, Tue 12 August 2008 »
Quick Update.

I'm off to Prima Racing tomorrow for a rolling road session to set up the Cup..

Will let you know how it goes..

I've also had a go at spaying the front and rear here are a couple of pics... (Still Work in progrss though)

Front End

Rear End

General Chat /
« on: 12:57, Wed 25 June 2008 »
I agree Hamilton is getting a little arrogant but hey he's allowed to a little. Just remeber he's still a rookie and only in his 2nd year not bad methinks.

Hoping he's going to do well at the British along with DC and Jense

Also spare a thought for poor Anthony Davison lets hope he gets a seat in the future.

I'm off to the Testing Session at Silverstone tomorrow (Anyone else going??)

I will also be at the British GP from Thursday eve through to Sunday late... We're Camping/Motor homing in Windmill Campsite if you are going as well would be nice to need a few fellow GTT/F1 nuts!  :wink:

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:45, Wed 25 June 2008 »
Ive just had a full Blitz 4 stage programmable boost controller fitted to my Renault 5

Yep sounds like what I have fitted to my Coupe Cup. Nice little LED display on the dash with a Silver/black wheel??

Not had the Cup out to test it yet but seems like a good bit of kit..

Only gripe is that is does not show PSI only Bar

General Chat / Rolling Roads
« on: 11:42, Tue 24 June 2008 »
Thanks Guys,

I will check them out... If you have used any of these I would like to know your views as would prefer to go on reccomendation rather than pot  luck..  :wink:  Plus would like to take to a R.Road that is familar with R5GTT's

General Chat / Rolling Road Reccomendations Please
« on: 17:16, Mon 23 June 2008 »
Hi Guys n Gals.

Can anyone reccomend a Rolling Road to set up my newly built R5 Cup.

I want to make sure that the timing/jetting etc is all set correctly..

I live near Milton Keynes so the closer the better but I don't mind travelling either if it's worth the trip..


Your cars / Starter Motor Heat Shield
« on: 15:44, Tue 10 June 2008 »
I've opted for this product instead of a piece of tin...  :wink:

Instead of absorbing the heat it reflects it.

Was designed to prevent starter and solenoid failure due to damaging radiant heat. It is capable of protecting against 1000'C of radiant heat.

Should do the trick me thinks!!   :D

Your cars / Heat shield
« on: 17:07, Mon 09 June 2008 »
Does anyone have a heat shield for sale as I seem to be missing the one between starter motor and manifold?

If not have you any pictures of what it looks like so I can fabricate one?

Your cars / Exhuast Wrap
« on: 17:02, Mon 09 June 2008 »
Got the Exhaust Wrap in place now...

Your cars /
« on: 15:27, Fri 06 June 2008 »
Nice work  I just got some new standard engine mounts, how much difference will the uprated ones make?

That's a very good question as they look identical to the units I took off  :? apart from one has alloy insert on front gearbox mount.... So apart from the rubber being newer and possibly stronger I can't say... Hopefully stop the engine jumping out the bonnet though!  


Your cars / Engine Mounts
« on: 10:57, Fri 06 June 2008 »

Just fitted a new set of KTR UPRATED Engine Mounts. Was a fairly easy job once the front bumper was removed..

Next job is to heat wrap the Exhaust Manifold and Down pipe..

Your cars / Engine Build
« on: 10:40, Tue 03 June 2008 »
Thanks to the info on the Rads. I've checked mine out and looks like it's high volume unit anyway (without oil cooler) Will probably change to alloy one at some point but funds are short...

Anyway I've finally got the engine back and has been transplanted back into my Coupe..

Although not all parts back on yet. See pics below as to how far I've got.
As you can see still a little way off just need to find some time. I'm hoping to take it to Renault World Series this weekend at Silverstone I'll probably be bolting bits on there!!!!

It's has has had ported polished head and inlet manifold, lightened and ballanced crank and flywheel plus all new bearingins and rings etc...

Also got a Blitz Turbo management system to go on as well (Courtesy of my team mates Scooby)

Engine Bay

Lighented Flywheel

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 10:27, Tue 03 June 2008 »
Superb!! Thanks for your help..

I don't suppose you have any pics of parts in place do you?

Also I am concidering heat wrapping manifold, Is this worth doing?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help required
« on: 09:43, Tue 03 June 2008 »
Hi I'm sure someone can help me but I'm not yet familiar with all the parts of the R5 engine as this is may first one.

I've  just had my engine rebuilt and now puttng it back into my beloved R5 Coupe Cup but as it's been a while since I toook the parts off I'm a bit puzzled as to where some bits go!!

(Yeah I know schoolboy error and no photos for reference..  :oops: lol)

Can anyone shead some light??  

Here are the offending parts!

Part A:

Part B:

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