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Do you know if you have spark after it stalls?
Just thinking the TDC sensor may be at fault..

Newbies / Re: I am new on here, have a Raider and need some help :-(
« on: 16:42, Mon 24 February 2014 »
Have you not got a Haynes manual at all?
It has a few diagrams showing what goes where..
I have stripped mine that many times that its all in my head now... :-\

Your cars / Re: my new raider.
« on: 12:14, Thu 06 February 2014 »
Nice buy man

The forum has got quiet....  about 75% of the posts are now spam..
What's your plans for this one??

Other Renaults / Re: Help piping up my carb
« on: 17:13, Mon 03 February 2014 »
Hi Dan

I will try and help you out. Hopefully I wont confuse you.

The first pic shows a pipe connected to the carb. Thats the fuel infeed for the carb. I think you have that connected up correctly.

The second pic shows a pipe connected to the boost reference connection on the throttle pump jet. This needs to be connected to the outlet on the carb plenum. You will also have to tee a pipe into this line to go to your fuel pressure regulator so it knows how much boost is being fed through the carb.
From memory I think fuel pressure has to be 2 psi more than boost pressure at all times so you will need a pressure regulator that can adjust the carb fuel feed relative to boost pressure. Its different to a regulator that you fit to an efi setup as it has only one setting. I am not sure what type you have fitted from looking at the picture.

Picture 3 is showing 2 coolant connections for the carb. I wouldn't worry about these so just leave them open vented.

Pic 4 is a boost reference from the base of the carb. This can be blanked off or used as a boost reference for your turbo actuator if needed. only thing to note is this reference is taken after fuel is added so if you are using a bleed valve you need to be careful not to exhaust the fumes into the engine compartment as the air will have fuel vapour in it...

Pic 5 is a drain for the 2nd stage fueling jet diaphragm in case it ever splits. Connect a pipe to this and route it away from the turbo and exhaust to ground and leave open vented.

Hope that's of some help..  I am thinking your biggest problem is probably your fuel pressure regulator if your using your original one from your efi setup. It will just flood the carb because the needle valve wont be able to withstand the set pressure. Try getting your hands on an R5 regulator if possible.


PS also see this thread for how to setup your carb when you do get it going.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Group A Carb with T28 turbo
« on: 17:22, Wed 29 January 2014 »
Hi mate

I had this issue as well. Every time you accelerated away too hard it would bog down etc etc. I run a T25 turbo not that it would matter really as it gave most trouble off boost. It went ok when driving hard. Just the carb emptying would be a worry.
I ended up going back to the standard carb and modifying it. Mine has the 2nd stage modified and choke flap removed. I also modified the spindle for the throttle flap as well to give a bit more flow through it. One of the guys did a post detailing carb tuning that is well worth a read.

I couldn't have done it without it.
Hope thats some sort of help..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: silicon hose change
« on: 11:26, Thu 03 October 2013 »
There should be a restrictor in the pipe that goes to the oneway valve on the manifold (under the carb).
If this isnt fitted it will cause the car to run like crap..  check it isnt lodged in the old pipe that you took off.
with this fitted it should be fine. If you cant find the restrictor you can take out the one way valve and blank the hole and just run the cup mod.

Your cars / Re: New Car not a Renault
« on: 15:46, Mon 05 August 2013 »
Looks the business lad.
Gonna miss hearing about your mad antics with 5's tho..
You were always up to something....
Health to drive and enjoy..

General Chat / Re: Distributor help needed!!
« on: 23:26, Wed 10 July 2013 »
Hi Alan
Have you tried changing the plug leads at all?

General Chat / 5's for Sale
« on: 17:20, Thu 04 July 2013 »
I've been on having a look at what's for sale and noticed just how little 5's are coming up for sale and the silly asking prices for them  :-\
Does anyone know if they are getting these prices?
I wouldn't have thought you would have to pay any more than 3k for a real minter but they are advertised @4-5k+

General Chat / Re: Members locations
« on: 17:00, Thu 04 July 2013 »
Banbridge, N.Ireland

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: strange cutting out.
« on: 17:04, Mon 17 June 2013 »
Did you have any luck getting this sorted?
If not heres a few ideas's for you...
Have you tried removing the dump valve? Sometimes when they leak they can cause the car to run erratically.
The one way valves at the back of the inlet manifold can seize and cause some problems. Also there is an air restrictor in that breather circuit that if not fitted can cause the car to run erratically. Would need to see a pic of your engine bay to see if your running the cup mod or not to know if need this or not.
What main and a/c jet you running in the carb?
Is the carb one of these Grp A bored out carbs at all?
Also are you sure you have connected everything back up correctly? take a few pics and post them up and we can check for you if you like.
It could be ignition related too.. Has the TDC sensor, plugs, plug leads been checked?
Also if you have rebuilt it are you sure the timing gear is in the correct position?
This is all I can think off at the minute..
You maybe have it sorted already..
Dont give up anyway lol   :mrgreen:

Your cars / Re: My 89 GT-T
« on: 00:35, Sat 03 November 2012 »
Hmmmm... Tidy  :(
You reckon its leaking around the bottom of the windscreen?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Campus to Gt Turbo conversion help
« on: 23:37, Sat 16 June 2012 »
Quote from: "SPUNKYMUNKY"
roughly how much should all that cost me?

Probably as dear as buying a GT Turbo and sticking campus badges on it!!
Thats a long list of stuff  :oops:
All the best tho.. And welcome  :mrgreen:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Carb Jetting Query
« on: 21:23, Wed 29 February 2012 »
Sorry to resurrect an old thread but was sitting thinking about the carb issues I was having with the carb emptying in particular..
Was thinking has anyone ever tried to piggy back another fuel bowl onto the carb. Was thinking of something of similar style as already on the carb with needle jet and float arrangement. You could Tee the fuel supply line off to it. Was thinking you you could possibly join the 2 fuel bowls together at the bowl drain point. The bowl would also need an air vent on top Tee'd into the carb top.

Its only a rough idea and maybe has a major flaw that I haven't realized yet but am just throwing it out there to see if anyone has seen it before? I am aware that the bowls would have to be at the same level to prevent the carb from overflowing. Only other problem I can think of would be the fuel overflowing while cornering right hand bends.
What ya's think?? It worth a try?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: carb questions ?
« on: 21:50, Sat 21 January 2012 »
Hi mate

Have you checked this topic out yet?
Its really helpful.


Goodluck and happy tuning  :wink:

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