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Your cars / Re: My R5 GTT
« on: 20:47, Sun 18 December 2011 »
Unfortunately not. It went about 5 months ago. Owned by someone on RTOC though, and he seems very enthusiastic and seems to be looking after it, which is nice.

I didn't use it anymore - I had a BMW 535i Sport as well, and I preferred using that 95% of the time, so I sold the two and bought a 1999 M5, which is pretty much a perfect car IMO. Costs a bomb to keep on the road, but you can't skimp on these cars!

Your cars / Re: My R5 GTT
« on: 16:43, Thu 15 December 2011 »
Just thought I'd log on to see how this thread was going.. really glad to see she's being looked after properly, and kept on the road :)

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 17:17, Mon 21 February 2011 »
Quote from: "Keatin"
what are you doing with the wheels you had on it they look smart?

Selling them if you're interested? Done less than 1000 miles, with Toyo Proxes T1R tyres.

I want 300 for them

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 13:30, Mon 21 February 2011 »
Nah, I'll stick with the C1J. Something I like about having the retro 1.4 turbo engine. C1J with EFI = win :D

Your cars / Re: Old Pearl
« on: 12:36, Mon 21 February 2011 »
Very nice.

Get some 195/45/15 tyres for those clio wheels, and the rolling radius is exactly the same as standard wheels

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 09:23, Mon 21 February 2011 »
Cheers James,

The door - it's hard to explain. I'll show you at ND (if you're coming?)

Your cars / Re: my french 5
« on: 08:07, Mon 21 February 2011 »

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 14:33, Sun 20 February 2011 »

New alloys fitted... Think they break it up a bit more. It's a very modern colour, and the wheels were a bit too modern and in your face I think, so going to try and tone it down a bit.

Next jobs are:

Fit front grille badge
Fit spoiler
Fit rear badges

I'd also like a new drivers side door (current one doesn't fit very well.. a new door was used when the car was painted, but it doesn't seem to fit very well.. maybe a patent part?) but that would mean painting it, and there are a few other bits I'd like to get painted, so think I'll wait and save a bit of cash and get it all done together

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 14:56, Sun 13 February 2011 »
Nothing particularly amazing - just sorted an issue with the 5 today... Fuel pump relay wasn't connected properly! Went for a short drive and my friend took some photo's for me

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 19:05, Sun 09 January 2011 »
Cheers mate!

How's my old one coming along?  :D

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 16:43, Sun 09 January 2011 »
Done a few small jobs on the 5 today:

    * Fitted un-painted gutter strips (old ones were a bit knackered - had a few cracks and scrubs on them)
    * Fitted standard steering wheel with paint removed, and polished boss
    * Fitted parcel shelf / associated plastics
    * Fitted Renault badge
    * Fitted new number plates (old ones were knackered)
    * Gave it a good clean


Got my standard spoiler waiting to go on too, but I need to do a few other things before I fit it

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 18:48, Sun 07 November 2010 »
Quote from: "scratcher"
Love the colour, and the wheels dude.
I think that looks just right how its set there. Trim the plastic and keep it low! :lol:

Lol, nah - I think I would prefer it a little higher tbh. Either that, or I'd need to lower the front some more!

Your cars / Re: B20ENJ phase 2 tungy
« on: 17:18, Sun 07 November 2010 »
Quote from: "jimmy_b"
Quote from: "Benj88"
Cheers mate, I wish my bay looked like yours!

atleast people can see urs when you drive past, cant do that with my bay lol.

subframe is something i could of done with removing but all the captive nuts started to spin so ended up just painting it with hammerite on the car  :oops:

The rear bolts? Absolutely sh!te those captive things they put on around the nut... I find you can just about get a spanner on the nut, but you need two people. One to hold the spanner, and one to undo the bolt.

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 17:12, Sun 07 November 2010 »
Had a go at lowering it today.

Drivers side torsion bar came out nice and easily, but the passenger side, not so much :mad:

Got it out eventually though, and lowered it ~40mm. Think I went too low though. It's catching the arch cover on the drivers side (it's lower on the drivers side), and the passenger side will probably catch with people in the rear.

So next weekends job is to take them out again, raise it probably ~10mm, and get it level as well. Not bothered about raising it, as it's probably a bit too low at the rear for my liking anyway.

Pictures (sorry they're crap - iphone quality and poor light):

Found a friend hiding behind my tail light :D

Yes I know my numberplate is wonkey, and knackered... I have a new pair waiting to be fitted!

Your cars / Re: My cars and my story
« on: 18:38, Sat 06 November 2010 »
Quote from: "scratcher"
Very nice mate  :D  Looks like a good job was done on them.

Yeh, they're good mate.. the leather is really tight, and stitched nicely. Someone has paid a few quid to get them done properly :)

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