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Your cars / Re: my r5 gtti
« on: 17:57, Mon 19 January 2015 »
Hi no its black 1986 phase 1 he was going to make in to a rally car
I will put some pics up when is light

Newbies / Re: new here
« on: 17:54, Mon 19 January 2015 »
Hi m8 I have a 86 phase 1 its a long term project just been delivered today :)

Your cars / my r5 gtti
« on: 18:40, Sat 17 January 2015 »
Hi after a very long time I have just got my 3 r5 it was built by charlie from fives r us as a rally car project its been converted to fuel injection and before standerd engine blow was running 320 bhp on rolling road so have my self a new project and lot of work ahead should have it at home next week so pic will be up soon

Newbies / new here
« on: 16:14, Sat 17 January 2015 »
Hi everyone new to here but not to fives I've had 2and I've been after this new one for over 12 years and now its mine hopefully I will have it Monday anybody remember fives r us if so you might know my new car thanks will put some pics up soon of car and rebuilding it

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