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My son has a 10 year old Renault 5 GT Turbo which has been completly reliable for the last 8 years. on sunday we was stopped after only about 10 mile. On examination we found there were no sparks at plugs an d no power to the petrol pump. Have tried pump across battery and it is fine. Have checked that power is getting thro' the ignition switch in ignition position, OK. Have tried 3 seperate electronic ignition units still no sparks. Have replaced all the relays beside and behind the fuse box, one at a time also another relay tucked up behind the dash and the ignition relay beside the ignition unit all to no avail. Are there any more relays or other items you can suggest replacing or is there a proper wiring diagram that I can obtain rather than the component diagram that are in the Haynes manuals.

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