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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault 5 GT bottem end
« on: 18:53, Wed 08 January 2014 »

Does anyone know if its possible to replace bottom end bearings without having to remove the engine?

Cheers Alan

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Hesitation when accelerating - R5GT
« on: 19:20, Tue 15 October 2013 »

I have recently finish a renault 5 restoration after being off the road for 10 years and now have one final problem.


When the car heats up it's really lumpy accelerating, you can't smoothley accelerate.  If you put your foot down it goes like a rocket!!!  When the car is cold is drives nice. 

What I have tried

Removed the carb and gave it a good clean, I have a spare carb and tried swapping a few bits over but still the same.
Checked water is flowing through the base plate.

Any ideas?

Thanks Alan

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Renault 5 GT fuel pump issue
« on: 22:55, Mon 22 July 2013 »
Just to let everyone know it was my TDC sensor causing the issue.

All sorted now :)

Other Renaults / Re: Failing fuel pump symptoms ?
« on: 22:54, Mon 22 July 2013 »
I would check the TDC sensor which is mounted on top of the gearbox and has two bolts to easily remove.  Take it out and give it a clean.

On my renault 5 gt the tdc sensor was causing the fuel pump to come on and off when it liked.

Hope this helps.. Alan

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault 5 GT oil cooler help
« on: 19:34, Sun 21 July 2013 »
Evening all,

Just purchased a race radiator and realised it doesn't have the oil cooler built in, just looking on ebay and have a couple of questions I wondered if anyone could answer.

1.  Does anyone know the standard thread type and size on a Renault 5 GT?

2.  Where is the best place to mount?

Cheers Alan

General Chat / Re: Distributor help needed!!
« on: 22:36, Thu 11 July 2013 »

It's had new plugs already, just got a new TDC sensor and have ordered new leads so fingers crossed.

Cheers Alan

General Chat / Distributor help needed!!
« on: 16:21, Sat 06 July 2013 »
Hi all,

My R5GT won't run properly and I need some help :) 

1.  Sometimes the car will idle ok with no problems and then will just stop, when I check the spark plugs they are not getting any power but the main feed to the distributor is.  (After taking plugs out etc and trying again it will randonly start again)

2.  Sometimes it will be idling fine and then it will start running really lumpy and back firing etc. 

What I have tried

Replaced distributor cap and arm.
Checked and cleaned all the heads on the plugs.

I'm thinking it's either the coil pack has a problem or another electrical fault somewhere but i'm not sure.

Any ideas?



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault 5 GT fuel pump issue
« on: 23:19, Sun 23 June 2013 »

My renault 5 GT has a fuel pump issue in that sometimes to power will stop going to the pump.

Does anyone know if I manually wire a switch on the dashboard to the fuel pump will this be ok?

Cheers Alan

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault 5 GT Handbrake Cable removal
« on: 21:08, Sun 23 June 2013 »
Evening all,

Halfway through restoring a Renault 5 GT that has been standing for 8 years.  I need to remove the rear calipers from the car but can't see a way of disconnecting the handbrake cable from the caliper?

The only way I can think of is disconnecting from the leaver and taking the cable with the caliper.

Any ideas?  Or am I missing something?  Cheers Alan

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Renault 5 GT Fuel issue
« on: 23:56, Mon 27 May 2013 »

I have recently bought a 1988 Renault 5 GT, I knew the car had some heating problems and I have changed the head and fitted a new head gasket and water pump and all is ok.

The problem i have now is with fuel, sometimes fuel will pump nicely into the carb by itself but then it will just stop.  The car did sit for 8 years before I bought it so I was thinking of replacing the fuel pump and fuel filter.

Any other ideas would be welcome :)

Cheers Alan

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