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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Replacement dash trim
« on: 21:36, Wed 07 November 2012 »
Hi guys,

I'm hoping someone can help me I'm looking for a replacement piece of plastic dash trim, it's the piece that the wiper selector goes through and looks to carry on over the steering wheel column, but I can see to locate it, does anyone know what the piece is called or a part number?

Many thanks


Newbies / Re: New 5GTT Owner
« on: 21:06, Sun 28 October 2012 »
Well the 5GTT I was going to buy from Leeds was less of a car and much more of a project than I was lead to believe from the advert, so I purchased another from Bristol, in great condition although it was a cat D back in 1999.

I do have a couple of questions though.

When filling the car up with fuel if I go past half a tank I get a terrible smell of fuel throughout the car. My guess is that there is a hole somewhere near the top of the tank.

It has original sized wheels on it so getting replacement tyres are expensive, what is the optimal 15" wheels/tyres I should consider?

Many thanks for any help


Newbies / Re: New 5GTT Owner
« on: 13:17, Thu 11 October 2012 »
Quote from: "5teve L"
Just look over the car for rust, jacking points & sills, rear arches, front around the suspension turrets.
Don't get it & whack the boost up without knowing what the fueling is doing.. make sure the fan works......

I've got to get it home from Leeds, (90 miles) so I shall be driving it very carefully to start with. :-)

Newbies / New 5GTT Owner
« on: 10:43, Thu 11 October 2012 »
Hi Guys,

I'm about to pick up my first 5GTT tomorrow, I must admit I am quite excited, back in the late 80's & early 90's I always quite fancied owning one but never got the opportunity.

I was wondering if there were any do's and don'ts that I should be aware of?

Many thanks


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