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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: standard r5
« on: 12:54, Mon 16 July 2012 »
Hi there, there arent many people on this forum anymore so you may only get the odd response. If the car is currently standard then there will be no problem running the car at say 15psi as the turbo and carb should be fine for this and any additional cooling you can add to the car will improve performance and reliability.

There are a few things you can do to the carb and if you are planning on going to the rollers to set it up it may be worth getting hold of a 0.9mm air corrector jet as this is simple to change and can richen up the mixture if needed, however as mentioned the standard set up may be just fine.

Be aware though that at 15psi the power will be around 150bhp and you may find that the original clutch if not changed recently may start to slip due to the nice chunk of power you will get from simply upping the boost.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Stage 2 turbo technics turbo
« on: 08:58, Sat 14 July 2012 »
I could do that however i was concerned that it would be too much sring pressure pilling on the wastegate arm.

I have srtipped both the froup a carb ans standard carb with a plan to ovehaul and build the standard carb. I will keep you posted. If the car feels better i will get myslef an aem afr kit and tweak it further.

I am still thinking that the turbo is at fault as i clamped the pressure feed to the actuator and put my foor down expecting the turbo to keep boosting and boosting until distruction, however it didnt go much more than 22 psi so its either the turbo or fuel and pump pressure related.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Stage 2 turbo technics turbo
« on: 07:14, Fri 13 July 2012 »
I have adjusted to actuator to boost to a max of 15psi as i then use an in car to bleed a further 3>4 psi off. I am going to do as you said and rebuild the standard car and if it instantly feels better i am going to fit an aem afr kit to tune it as best i can. I thing as a start i will fit the 0.9 ac, drill 2nd stage to 1.1mm and fit the 1.2mm main jet.

I assume this should get me started to tune further.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Stage 2 turbo technics turbo
« on: 22:10, Wed 11 July 2012 »
Ah thanks for the advice chaps. Can I ask so may of you dislike the group A carb, is it because it messes up the fuelling or because the standard 25mm venturi is best suited to the remains of the carb design.

By the way what is the size of the standard second stage jet also how do you manage to drill them so precise given the tenth of a millemeter makes so much difference. Also so you are aware i took the car out today and in fourth gear i floored it at 3000rpm and the turbo didnt do a lot and by 3500rpm thstandard boost gauge was in the middle which is about 7psi I think. Surely this is not right, I am thinking of sending the turbo back to turbo technics for testing as it should boost a lot faster than it does.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Stage 2 turbo technics turbo
« on: 18:29, Wed 11 July 2012 »
Ok my plan will be to mod the standard venturi carb. what do you suggest as a start. Assuming a bog standard cab, should I fit the 0.9 air corrector jet, 1.2mm main jet and drill the second stage fixed jet to 1.1mm with a plan to running around 19psi. Is there anything else I need to do as i understand there in another jet in the section of carb that bolts to the passenger side of the carb, does this stay untouched.

From memory when I had it on the rollers the guy dynoing it ended up filing the idle mixture screw to get more fuel in to get the previous t25 going. I assume he should really have concentrated on the second stage fixed jet? as I am sure on tickover it was like 9% on the CO.

What do you think.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Stage 2 turbo technics turbo
« on: 21:52, Tue 10 July 2012 »
I am unsure of what to do now. Is it worth rebuilding the standard 25mm venturi carb, with .9 air corrector jet, redrilling the 2nd stage to 1.1mm and refitting the 1.2mm main jet.

I have just been for  a spin in the car and the t2/t25 didnt come on until full boost until around 4500 rpm.  Is this normal as the full t25 didnt come onto fulll boost until about 5000rpm.

Will the 25mm venturi carb still flow enough for big power 200+.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Stage 2 turbo technics turbo
« on: 18:52, Tue 10 July 2012 »
Hi there, many thanks for coming back so soon. To start with my engine spec is as follows:

Standard pistons and liners 7.9:1 com ratio
Ported and polished head with matched inlet
GT tuning stage 2 cam
Ktec tubular manifold (original first model that cracks)
large bore turbo elbow
GT tuning 2.5" down pipe and 2.5" cybersport exhaust
Group A carb with .9 air corrector and I think 1.3 main jet
GT tuning air filter with ram pipe
The usual copper rad and lobster back etc
GT tuning double capacity intercooler

The original turbo was a full t25 hybrid

This turbo was laggy but the guy who dynod it upped the mixture to get it going which resulted in the car smelling of fumes on a long journey etc however when it came in it moved well.

Because of the lag i fitted the smaller t25/t2 which I think has a compressor ar of .63 and turbine .60 i believe

now i feel like the turbo is either not right or its the reduction in turbine housing thats holding it back.

Tonight i may check the fuel pump is delivering enough pressure but i feel like i am grasping at straws and would appreciate any help you can give.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Mixture and idle speed
« on: 13:31, Tue 10 July 2012 »
Folks what is the ideal idle speed for the CJ1 and what sort of mixture should it be set to at the required idle.

For info mine is idling at 1100rpm at 3.5%, is this micxture too low, should it be more like 4>4.5%.

Sorry to highjack your post but I am also thinking of fitting a wideband AFR system, however will the sensor fit in to the threading that we already have on the turbo downpipe, if so will it be a good enough and have anough room?

Also there appears to be a lot of talk about the first and second stage jets and how the 2nd stage jet plays a big part on mid boost etc, where is this second stage jet as I believe my current Group A carb has a 0.9 air corrector jet and the larger 1.3 main jet however the rest i believe is standard. Would tweaking the second stage bring my T2/T25 stage two turbo on boost earlier as it feels laggy to me still.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Stage 2 turbo technics turbo
« on: 00:43, Tue 10 July 2012 »
Hi folks I am new to this forum and im seeking a little advice.

I have a renault 5 turbo and to cut a long story short it was running a turbo technics stage 3 turbo and on the rollers it made 210 at the wheels, the problem was it was way too laggy round town. Because of the lag I decided to downsize it to the smaller stage 2 turbo that has a t25 compressor and t2 turbine houding etc. Whilst the turbo comes onto boost far faster it feels like i have lost too much power and i am thinking of going back to the stage 3.

What do you think I should do as I was expecting the stage 2 to spin up to boost really fast but I find that it struggles to build more boost after say 17psi and I have tried everything, checked for boost leaks, altered the wastegate etc etc I have even pulled the wastegate pipe off to see if the turbo will cary on boosting but it appears to struggle ( the engine is built to take big boost so i wasnt worried) is it a case that i have a dodgy turbo as its near new with only around 200 miles on it from turbo technics or is this the nature od the smaller t2 exhaust housing.

Also I recently set the mixture to 3.5 at around 1200rpm. What should it be set at to ensure there is plenty of idle fuel to get the turbo spinning?

Sorry for all the questions but I am unsure of what to do.

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