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thanks for the reply..but i really dont think that has something to do with my recharge problem...but is it nessecary for those to recharge battery?or is it only for connection...

Well hello,
Yep had to go overseas to ask my British R5GTT fellows to help me out with a problem.

I've got an R5GTT Phase2 with a dyno that doesnt want to charge battery....the strange thing is its not the dyno,and i am sure about that because i changed a good working dyno and battery from my R5GTS(it was the normal 14.8volts) to my R5GTT and it gives me 12.34 the charge thingy wont work.
When i set the ignition on key on(without turning over the starter)it gives me a red battery light so thats ok i guess...and when started the light goes doesnt say the battery is low..but checking the voltage i just doesnt charge......

has anyone of you any ideas?to solve this isseu or anything i could check or bypass so is starts charging again?

excuse me if my writing isnt 100% correct

i greet you all!! Hi5 Joris

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