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Newbies / Re: A bargain or a headache...
« on: 17:35, Sat 16 March 2013 »
Sorry not been posting for a while, RL got in the way, but now im back and just spent 185 @ CGB on Timing chain, gaskets, manifold, downpipe, etc etc, still need to get a new engine loom and set of instrument panels, plus a heap of other odds and sods. ive just quickly worked out im looking a grand to get it back on the road, MOT, TAX, Insurance deposit and first month, but it shouold be worth it :)

Ive had a insurance quote of 883 for all mods declared campus/gt turbo reshell. whici i dont think it too unplesant. considering it will have 100% power increase on the old 1.4 8v engine campus

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Time for a rebuild?
« on: 12:15, Fri 08 March 2013 »
new manifold core plugs are 2.50 each from CGB, you should be able to get a full manifold for less than 30. pain in the arse to fit, as the carb has to come off tho..

Your cars / Re: Renault 5 campus from Malta
« on: 18:59, Wed 18 July 2012 »
That looks really good. nice work. you should be proud of that shiney paint work. :D

Other Renaults / Re: 95 campus 1.4 8v into 99 mk2 ph1 clio
« on: 22:55, Mon 09 July 2012 »
Thanks for the reply mate. ive had a bit of a lead on a replcement engine for sub 100 so we'll see what happens. Just thought i'd see if there was a use for the spare campus lump :d seems a crime to waste it.

Newbies / Re: A bargain or a headache...
« on: 18:47, Sun 08 July 2012 »
Bloody clio died of cam belt failure today. It never had it changed at the garage when I sent it in, turned out I had a coil pack problem so he didn't do it. And then today it DIES!! How ironic. I swear, no more mk2 clios ever again.  :mrgreen:

Other Renaults / 95 campus 1.4 8v into 99 mk2 ph1 clio
« on: 18:43, Sun 08 July 2012 »
Think I've got terminal failure on my 1.2 8v D7F, what's my chances of getting my spare campus engine straight in without engine mount work? Anyone done this before? Anyone got any ideas? I've just spunked 800 quid on car, insurance and tax a month ago so I need this to work if at all possible!! Bloody renaults, this is the 2nd mk2 ph1 I've had die of cam belt failure within a month of ownership. :evil:

Your cars / Re: the old raider....
« on: 15:52, Tue 03 July 2012 »
Looking good. you'll cry your self to sleep the day you sell it. dont do it.

Newbies / Re: Helllo
« on: 13:14, Sun 01 July 2012 »
reshellling is probably the cheaper option, if you cant afford a minter, many if not all sub 1000 Gt's will have some definite rust problems. Im reshelling one myself (slowly! i might add) but my donor GT was 120 and got a 43K Campus with FSH for 300. (topic in my sig)

If you do consider reshelling, Keep everything. you'll be suprised how much bits of trim, etc cost when you try to find one second hand.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Speaker grille fitting
« on: 10:01, Fri 29 June 2012 »
Wrap the speaker grill clips in an layer of tape or two, should make a little wider and squeeze in tighter.

Newbies / Re: A bargain or a headache...
« on: 22:52, Mon 25 June 2012 »
Not much has been happening really for a while, finally got the last alloy off, had a snapped bolt inside  :evil: , saved both rear calipers, were in better nick than the first time i peeked at them. Need to buy a drivers side rear loom as i couldnt get the other one from around the tank. saved the relay tho. the tank/rear frame/disks/hubs and shell are going to the scrapyard in the sky tommorrow. unfortunatly this is the end of f210tbc.

ive also ,recently purchased this little shitbox for the grand sum of 350, not in too bad nick, 1.2 8v, 111k, no FSH, but 6 months MOT, keyed down one side, needs rear brake shoes, a suspension rubber on drivers side and a gearbox mount. oh and the headgasket has decided to play silly buggers after 1000miles. never mind, it did its job for 2 weeks in getting the missus through her 90mile a day commute to uni placement. Its in the garage as of today getting tinkered with. fix the head and a cambelt change aswell.

Wouldnt mind C1J'ing this one day, hehe

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: rear subframe conversion?
« on: 23:24, Sun 24 June 2012 »
cheers very much :o

Renault 5 GT Turbo / rear subframe conversion?
« on: 17:48, Sun 24 June 2012 »
Can the campus rear frame be converted to GT spec by replacing the hubs/drums/suspension
or am i better off searching for a rear GT spec frame? My donor is going to the scrappers soon, and the rear frame is a mess, but calipers/disks/hub dont look too bad at all. Thoughts?

Other Renaults / Re: Gtx Volvo engine conversion
« on: 23:22, Tue 12 June 2012 »
campus speedo is cable type, that any help?

Links / Re: twin engined 5 gtt
« on: 13:30, Fri 20 April 2012 »
I would suspect it makes you clinch your arse a bit tighter when it comes on 'twin boost' so to speak..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Instrument panel resistors.
« on: 13:28, Fri 20 April 2012 »
Anyone at all?   :o

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