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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: campus project help
« on: 21:01, Sat 04 February 2012 »
hay where abouts in kent are you as i am doing the same thing as you at the moment and am also having trouble with vac pipe work ? could meet up and see if i can help you and you help me ? 07999407170 give me a text

Newbies / Re: rotton r5 turbo RE SHELL ADVICE
« on: 20:35, Sat 04 February 2012 »
wow that looks great a lot cleaner than my engine . i have now pretty much finished the swap over the engine is starting and running having a little trouble with gear selector i used the campus gear set up just attached it to the turbo gear box but it will only pick up 3rd and 4th gear nothing else but it looked the same as the turbo one ?????? and the person who had the renault 5 turbo before me has made a mess of the vacuum pipes and for the life of mer i can not work out where they all go and cant find any info anywhere to copy ????? so if any body know or can help that would be great

Newbies / Re: rotton r5 turbo RE SHELL ADVICE
« on: 21:37, Tue 24 January 2012 »
just a little update for you . i have swaped over the rear axel that was nice and easy i am goint to make all new break pipes as the ols ones dont look 2 good and are a pain to get off . droped the complete engine and sub frame off of both cars today and swaped the turbo lump into the campus . all fitted ok apart from a couple of little mods . i would like to find a wiring diagram for the 5 turbo but have no idea where 2 look ???? any ideas ?

also i am keeping the steel wheels on the campus so the disks can not be seen

Newbies / Re: rotton r5 turbo RE SHELL ADVICE
« on: 16:30, Sun 22 January 2012 »
o god nannys wig would come off ;-) do you think that i couldnt use the campus rear axel then ? and im looking and stripping the turbo engine down while its out and maybe getting a face cam and uprated valve springs and advice on whats best ?

Newbies / rotton r5 turbo RE SHELL ADVICE
« on: 12:34, Sat 21 January 2012 »
hi every1 im daryl and as you can see im a newbie so am looking for advive. after having a really good look around at everyones cars and mods i decided you would be the best people to ask advice from. i have just brought a 5 turbo for very little money off a guy who has had it sitting around for years the body is a bit rusty needs some work to get it to be water tight again but the engine gearbox and stage2 hybrid turbo are all in great nic. after buying it and taking it to my work to get it all running a friend told me of a 1987 1.2 5 door for sale so i went to have a look and i was shocked at how clean and un touched this 1.2 was it has been dry stored for 10 years or more i put a jump pack on it put a little petrol in the carb turned the key and it started !!!!!!!!!! so my plan now is to put the r5 turbo engine into this car but not change the outside of the car at all. my aim is to pull up at the lights next to some kid in his 1.4 body kitted corsa with his silly loud sub in the boot reving his car because he thinks im in some slow old 5 door campus them when the lights turn green nail it and laugh as he falls behind but im unsure of the amount of work  involved in doing this. so any advive would be great. i know that some of you would think this is a very strange thing to do but i love the renault 5 i dont care if its a turbo or a campus i just fell in love with these cars and i like a bit of both so to be able to make a mint looking standerd campus but have the power of a turbo would be ideal for me . and advice would be good guys and i will get some pictures of both the cars asap

also i cant spell to save my life so sorry if its a bit hard to understand

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