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Your cars / Re: my 5
« on: 21:16, Sat 17 September 2011 »
Very nice  8)

Your cars / Re: 88 Tungsten R5GTT
« on: 17:27, Sat 17 September 2011 »
I just spent ages typing something and the bloody laptop crashed..!!!  :evil:
Just picked it up fom my mates garage, whilst it was out , cv gaitiors, drive shaft seals etc,steering rack gaitors, crank seal, new clutch and cable, then spent few hours on the rolling road. Idle jet badly soldered and drilled , now fixed and fueling now mint all through the range..
Made me smile as soon as i drove it away,goes lke stink, but cost me a fair whack.. :shock:  :shock: i only had it done or peace of mind and not silly bhp.
But enjoyed the drive home and it reminded me excatly why i wanted another one.. :D
Now to save for the paintwork 8)  8)  :lol:  :lol:

Your cars / Re: 88 Tungsten R5GTT
« on: 13:18, Sun 11 September 2011 »
Well , took her out today for a little drive, even though I know the clutch is slipping under boost.. And the poxy clutch cable snapped as I was driving out of Cheltenham  :evil:  Had to tow it to my friends garage who is a Renault man through and through  :D  so new cable, clutch and also any gaitors/seals that need doing on it whilst it's in there. Then its going on his rolling road to make sure the fueling is right.  Can't wait to get it back . I have been saving for this but wasnt expecting to do it right away ...! Ah well  8)  I can start saving for the body work next.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Idle jet
« on: 21:43, Mon 29 August 2011 »
I'll take it back out tomorrow and re-check it/ blow it out. I'll let you know the outcome . Cheers

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Idle jet
« on: 21:12, Mon 29 August 2011 »
Car is running really well, touch wood and apart from slipping clutch , which is about to be sorted. I took out the idle jet today and cleaned and when replacing it , if I screw it in 100% the car splutters hunts and dies, but let it off 1/8 th of a turn and it's fine and idles perfectly.What would cause this ? Any opinions happily received . Cheers

General Chat / Re: James5
« on: 14:25, Sun 28 August 2011 »
Nasty.. Not a good car to crash in compared to modern ones. Hope he's ok  :(

Your cars / Re: The Renausine 7 1/2
« on: 17:44, Fri 19 August 2011 »
That is sweet , truly one of a kind  :wink:

Your cars / Re: 88 Tungsten R5GTT
« on: 17:07, Fri 19 August 2011 »
I have done over one hundred miles in her today with around 45 mins in standing traffic and she behaved faultlessly other than the clutch slipping. I have to say I enjoy driving this car as much if not more than my range rover  :lol: . To be honest I love this car to bits.. Someone remind me of that when I'm screaming at it next  8) . Clutch to be done in the next few weeks and I'll be one happy chappy....!!

General Chat / Re: Rust Bullet
« on: 16:52, Tue 16 August 2011 »
I'm glad that it wasn't anything to do with the other type of rusty bullet ..?  :lol:

Newbies / Re: Hello
« on: 19:59, Sat 13 August 2011 »
Welcome, I was exactly the same, had one 17 years ago and missed it ever since. Got myself a tungsten grey just Like I used to have . It'll never be sold now and I expect over the years it'll cost me a fortune but don't care  :lol:  good luck

Your cars / Re: 88 Tungsten R5GTT
« on: 13:39, Sat 13 August 2011 »
Well after running her for a few runs over the last few nights , I decided that it sounds like a tractor. I was assured that the tappets had just been done , but after searching on here , found some old threads and thought I'd check myself. Number one valve was about 6 mm slack , not loose nuts just very badly adjusted. So reset all the rest and bugger me what a difference. Its now like a new car, so quiet and smooth. Drives so much better ...... But now after opening her up a few times, boosts really well but the bloody clutch is slipping as soon as hits 3-4 k ... Pi££ and sh! t ...  I really don't fancy taking it all back out the change the clutch. What pi££ s me off is that I was told it was an uprated clutch and to be fair looked pretty new or I would have done that whilst it was out.! Drives so well other than that. Anyone fancy changing the clutch for me for some ££££'s  8)  :lol:

Your cars / Re: 88 Tungsten R5GTT
« on: 22:33, Tue 09 August 2011 »
New oil feed pipe and bajo bolt fitted today, no more oil leak. Warmed her up and took her for her first little spin with the donor engine fitted. Went gently with a couple of little blasts. Goes well, forgot how damn good they sound  8)  8)
No nasty noises and really smooth gearchanges...more than happy.
Going to sort out other tiny little niggles and shes good to go until i get the body work sorted

Your cars / Re: 88 Tungsten R5GTT
« on: 18:57, Fri 05 August 2011 »
I was supposed to be selling some mx bike parts to fund an engine from mike at Gt turbo spares , but got let down at the last minute  :( . Then an engine came up near me , good spec and really good price. So couldn't let it go. Fitted it over the last few nights.  8)  mega learning curve ..!!! She fired up straight away , but with a little oil leak from the oil feed to turbo . The whole banjo thing is bent ...! And won't seal, but apart from that it's all good. Gave it a full going over and replaced a few things before fitting. Could believe it when she fired up  8)  hope I've got all the vac hoses right.. Just need a new lower feed bit and bolt and she's good to go . ... PVzx5oQgC3

General Chat / Re: Insurance
« on: 21:05, Sun 31 July 2011 »
Do you have limited mileage on these classic policies ?

General Chat / Re: Dent removal
« on: 23:40, Wed 27 July 2011 »
I am defiantly going to try that  :lol:

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