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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: What adhesive?
« on: 22:21, Thu 29 March 2012 »
one of mine is glued on with what looks like tigerseal

i used tiger seal to bond the whole body kit onto my fiesta si, stayed good for 3 years,
i scrapped the car a few months ago, and couldnt get the kit back off haha so it went with the shell along with the polybushes and braided break lines :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: That Stupid Swirl / degassing pot
« on: 22:14, Thu 29 March 2012 »
never updated this thread,

Fitted uprated headset from mike at gt turbo spares along with uprated head bolts and bought an alloy swirl pot from fleabay, has been as good as gold
600miles of hard driving last weekend to santapod and back and sussex and back and still good  :D  running about 13psi boost :D maybe more not sure ??

now i need a new gearbox :( mine whiring in all gears (hope it just needs oil as has a little leak)

Spotted / Was It You? / 5 turbos at santapod
« on: 22:02, Thu 29 March 2012 »
I was at santapod last weekend itching to take the gt turbo down the strip as i didnt see one all day, unfortunately after driving from southend to santapod and sitting in the traffic for over 2 hours, the petrol light was on and it runs lean on boost :( and knocks,

whilst i was there i saw a black 5 gt turbo with monster stickers all over it
and a 5 extra van with gt turbo engine and front mount intercooler,

i was gonna park up next to you guys but the marshals were being douchebags

who was it ??
picture to come soon

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: That Stupid Swirl / degassing pot
« on: 21:20, Tue 10 January 2012 »
kool, i'll whip the turbo off and take the head off and refit the replacement with manifolds still attached,

The replacement head has all nuts and studs present, yippee,
however no gasket for the plate that goes on the side of head in the gasket set? hrm

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: That Stupid Swirl / degassing pot
« on: 22:00, Mon 09 January 2012 »
So the R5 has been sitting in the garage with its knackered head-gasket whilst i've been out c*@ting it off in the fez zetec turbo, well the bigs ends went on the fez and it blhe shell and block which means the 5 has got to come out of the garage early, and i've gotta do the head gasket, its the first one i've done on a 5, hoping someone can answer me this question,

do i remove and refit the head with manifolds on, them 13mm nuts look pretty awkward to get, anyone run me through a real quick fire steps,

the head i sent off to the machinist was 73.6mm hopefully it only needed 10thou skim to take of the storage scratches and dinks :S

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: That Stupid Swirl / degassing pot
« on: 01:39, Sat 24 December 2011 »
Ah Damn,

Looks Like I'm making cottage cheese in the engine,
i hope there is enough meat on the head for a skim :(
picked up a corteco headset with 1.9mm gasket, i hear they are uprated :D

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: That Stupid Swirl / degassing pot
« on: 19:23, Mon 19 December 2011 »
Quote from: "robx1r"

oven for 10 min @ 40 degrees.

HaHa the girlfriend will love that, she already gets upset when i wash parts in the sink /,

yeah mike from gt turbo spares is going to sort me out a payen headgasket set, bolts and a replacement swirl pot, ace, hes a legend he has at least 1 of every possible spare part going,


as for working in the wet,

today in the pissing rain me and my mate done steam seals and headgasket on his 1973 clubman estate,

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: That Stupid Swirl / degassing pot
« on: 07:58, Mon 19 December 2011 »
i have got a compression tester when the replacement part gets here i'll fill it up, bleed it warm it up and see what the compression is like, ugh i hate fixing cars this time of year,  i wish they made self heating tools,

Renault 5 GT Turbo / That Stupid Swirl / degassing pot
« on: 20:17, Sun 18 December 2011 »
Soooo, the stupid swirl pot on my 5 popped in half some time ago, it was a nice clean break, so i bought some super mega ultra tough glue and sealed it back together this stuff was strong, i put all my strength into trying to pull the swirl pot apart before confirming it was probably stronger than original,fitted it to the car and totally forgot about it, car was running fine for months the other night then whilst driving back home from london after picking up a turbo for the fiesta i noticed a mild lack of power, i assumed it was because i was running on the reserve tank and the secondary pump cant really hand the fuel requirements on boost, so i laid off the boost and casually cruised down the a13, then just out the corner of my eye i catch a little red blink (maybe half a second), being an old car and a little damp on the road i assumed this little blink was merely a little electrical glitch, the temperature gauge looks fine the heaters are working nicely no obvious issues, i arrive at a small traffic jam a mile down the road to find steam pouring out the engine bay, and i watch the temperature needle quickly rocket to hot, and the overheat light switch on the dash so i quickly move the car over into a layby switch the engine whipped open the bonnet to find the little bloody swirl pot and popped clean in half and the engine completely drained of coolant, i'm 20 miles from home, all i've got on me is an old trainer with a shoe lace and an empty water bottle, sooo, i use the shoe lace to tie the swirl pot back together and found a nice clean puddle to fill the water bottle up to re fill the engine with some form of water, i got home after stopping at every water point on the way, topping up and rebleading the cooling system, the next day i glue the swirl pot back together, (have ordered a replacement plastic one until i ca find a cheap alloy one) switched the car on and found dun dun daaah headgasket cream on the filler cap (just a little hint of it), so it looks like i've gotta do the bloody headgasket,  just before i jump right in, does anyone else find a little emulsion cream during warming up on a very cold morning, or do you reckon its deffo headgasket,

your thoughts please

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Rear Wiper Blanking plug??
« on: 19:54, Sat 24 September 2011 »
sorry thread has gone pretty stale,

I never did find a blanking plug down the breakers,
however as suggested i went to halfrauds and picked up the 3 pack 19mm 22mm 25mm the 19mm fell inside the boot through the hole and is flapping around with the rear wiper wire and the 22mm fitted in nice and tight the

1.50 something on trade , loverly

Other Renaults / Re: What engine to use?
« on: 00:53, Sat 24 September 2011 »
i'd probably keep an eye out on ebay for a gt turbo c1j lump,
its gonna fit straight in,  no need to source the expensive ECU or loom or high pressure fuel pump or get a custom exhaust built up or modify engine mounts ,
its gonna bolt straight onto your campus box and every-things gonna fit, (you'll probably need the coil and spark controller module to get the ignition timing right)

sure the 172 engine is more modern and can make good power and probably better fuel economy with just a few tweaks,  but if your strapped for cash i think a gt turbo engine is gonna be the best route and the cheapest,

plus getting more power from the c1j isn't a massively difficult task,  unfortunately you need to have deep pockets if you want to make lots of power, and expect things to break (those are the hidden costs)

Other Renaults / Re: Can i remove the carbon canister in a campus
« on: 00:42, Sat 24 September 2011 »
I haven't removed the carbon canister from a campus, but have done on other vehicles,

Generally you need to make sure the vacuum pipe to the inlet is blocked (so you you don't create a leak run lean and idle extra high)if there is a breather to the fuel tank don't  block this up (as the fuel tank needs to vent (again not sure if there is on the campus) i'm sure someone will be able to give more details ;)

Newbies / Re: hi there
« on: 00:35, Sat 24 September 2011 »
Welcome to the Forum,

I don't think there is an R5 out there which doesn't have one or two niggly bits,

Your Renault 5 Gt turbo journey has just begun,

i recommend getting your self a Haynes manual, and a new feeler gauge and starting with the valve clearances ;D

General Chat / Re: Cheap Turbo 2 Maxi !!!
« on: 00:30, Sat 24 September 2011 »
I'd love one of them,

I've probably give a piece of ass if the keys and log book where in my hands

General Chat / Re: Alloys for a Raider??
« on: 00:23, Sat 24 September 2011 »
rochford tyres are just round the corner from me (they are not the best value for money in there)

my opinion for raider alloys would be run standard alloys (they were designed for the car ;)

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