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General Chat / Re: what wheels are people running on their 5GTT?
« on: 00:05, Wed 07 December 2011 »

JBW 13x7 et -7  :D

i might paint the spokes pearl white, im not sure yet.  :?

General Chat / Re: Colour name
« on: 22:55, Thu 23 June 2011 »
fading on reds is down to what type of paint is used, the reason vauxhall reds fade (usually older models) is because at the time they used a 2k solid red rather than a basecoat/clear coat option.
2k solid reds fade as they dont have any UV protection.
the basecoat option is protected by the
clear coat so wont fade.
these days most manafacturers use base/clear piants so you dont see many reds fading as you used to.

if your thinking about painting red ask for your chosen colour in solvent basecoat and then get a good quality clearcoat(lacquer) you wont have any fade issues then.

probably the brightest boldest red is Mazda true red which is on the new MX5's etc.

Ferrari Red wont cost any more to buy in solvemt basecoat than say a Vauxhall red.

hope that clears it up!

Newbies / Re: Hi All, just got a Phase 1 GT
« on: 00:22, Thu 10 March 2011 »
I think there is some crossed wires going on!  :lol:  the original colour of this car is pearl white. I am repainting it IN ORIGINAL BIANCO NACRE PEARL WHITE!
i am not messing with it at all. its all staying original.  
the only thing i am thinking of doing is colour coding the arches in pearl white as at the moment they are painted in a tatty cream colour that is flaking off in places.

hope that clears it up!

are they really that rare? anymore info on the pearl white models? was it a top of the range, or optional extra?
its also got electric windows, which i thought was odd for a phase 1?

Newbies / Re: Hi All, just got a Phase 1 GT
« on: 21:18, Tue 08 March 2011 »
the red plates are the original french plates. french plates are usually yellow or white so ive no idea why there red? but yes the '86 would be the age of the car. its now on UK plates though.

Ive only had it 2 days and the bumpers, lights and trims are stipped off already. - apart from some
surface rust on the wiper panel, theres no rust anywhere, and i mean anywhere!

couple of imperfections in the paintwork , so i am respraying it in the original colour - just because im fussy, i will also be painting the arches and bumpers properly.

wheels im still deciding what to do.

really cant be many left in this original good condition!

Newbies / Re: Hi All, just got a Phase 1 GT
« on: 18:03, Tue 08 March 2011 »
small world!  :lol: ive still got the punto GT its taken a back seat and lost its garage space to the 5 at the moment! - it was a toss up as to which might rust outside first! cant bring myself to sell it though

Newbies / Hi All, just got a Phase 1 GT
« on: 23:40, Sun 06 March 2011 »
Hi all,
thought id introduce myself, im Rick and run my own scratch/Dent repair business in Leeds: and ive just bought myself a rather nice Phase 1.
you might have seen it for sale on piston heads the last few days.
been looking for a R5 on and off for a few years, ive never had one before, but saw this and had to take a look.

1986 LHD phase 1 in pearl white.
beautiful original condition, arrow straight 1 previous owner 72k KM's (40 odd thousand miles) and a wallet full of every receipt from new. the guy used it as a run around in France/UK attached to the back of his caravan.
interior is mint, its like a time warp!
the only bit of surface rust is around the front wipers, i had a quick dig with a screw driver
this evening and its nothing that wont grind off. sills and all other areas are solid.

my plans are a full respray (you could run it as is! but im very fussy - being a painter and all!)
bonnets been painted before and has a few blemishes.

i am also thinking of colour coding the arches and bumpers - currently they are painted in a satin cream/white which i believe was original in this colour?
what are peoples thoughts on properly colour coding them or should i redo them satin white?

wheels are a big thing for me and half of me is torn to getting these powder coated and the other half says get some different wheels, Phase 2 alloys, turbines or somthing? any ideas/thoughts?

i wont be messing with this much at all, will be kept pretty much totally standard.

i would loike to hear your thoughts/views and see you around the forum.

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