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Newbies / Re: Hi from elcie.
« on: 10:52, Mon 21 February 2011 »
DAMN, the car looks good mate! What size rims are those?

Newbies / Re: Reanult 5 TL (Questions for the brains)
« on: 10:23, Mon 21 February 2011 »
Quote from: "5-Mission"
Quote from: "Tordern"
Sure this'll work for a R5 TL 5-door?
if so i'll do it :)
It'll definitely work for a 5-door - I have 1st hand experience! It'd be good to get another 5-door project up on here as mine's the only one currently as far as I know. As James said really, if you can get hold of a rotten 5GTT with half decent running gear then that'd be the way forward and just transfer everything over.
I think you have the 1108cc campus engine iirc? I'd personally concentrate on the bodywork 1st, checking for rust inside and out and then lower it. The door handles look horrible on the 5dr as well - it looks much better with them all off and smooth! 8)

Thanks for the advice mate ;)
So the rust on this car is actually not bad at first look, around the rear window (just gonna change the whole lid), and a little bit at the right doorsill. Is there any well known places to look for rust on these cars? I'm probably going to keep it as stock as possible, but maybe i color the door handles in the same red color as the car. (going to respray the whole car)

So what wheels can i use for this? is 4x100 the bolt pattern?
I've seen some 15"x7" wheels, will i need spacers to pull them off?

Newbies / Re: Reanult 5 TL (Questions for the brains)
« on: 22:51, Sun 20 February 2011 »
Quote from: "James5"
Welcome to the forum matey, what you want to do is get yourself a r5 GTTurbo and purely transfer the running gear, engine, suspension setup and you have therefore upgraded what you have yet keeping the looks as they were

Sure this'll work for a R5 TL 5-door?
if so i'll do it :)

Newbies / Re: Reanult 5 TL (Questions for the brains)
« on: 17:07, Sun 20 February 2011 »
It's a Mark II R5 :)

Newbies / Reanult 5 TL (Questions for the brains)
« on: 20:28, Thu 17 February 2011 »
So I have this Renault 5 TL we have had in the family for a while now. Grew up with the car. It's been standing somewhere for a long time now.

I don't really know what is possible to do with the car.
I want to keep the car as stock as possible, when it comes to looks.

And this is what a thought of:
Performance suspension (where to buy? what should i look for?)
Sway bars (where to buy? what should i look for?)
Turbo (Is it possible? what do i have to do? and what turbo should i use?)
Air filter
Sound system (What will fit inside the door panels?)
Wheels and tires (what size is best and what bolt pattern?)

Need to change out som body-parts as well, and where the hell can i find that?

Probably some more changes as well, give me some ideas please!

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