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Your cars / Re: my new raider.
« on: 22:18, Fri 09 May 2014 »
yeah its nothing like it was before mate i think the old engine was killed. now i have a 270 cam. t25. front mount. jetted carb. shes about 175 ish at  15psi. i now have a tubular mani to go on and will up the boost a bit.  ;)

Your cars / Re: my new raider.
« on: 07:51, Thu 06 February 2014 »
that's a shame. i use to spend every day on hear. there's some good stuff on hear.

Your cars / my new raider.
« on: 21:12, Thu 23 January 2014 »
glad to see this forum isnt dead. took me a year of buying and selling cars to get the cash together to buy this car.  ;)
hear is some pics of my new raider.

hope you like. got big plans for this car.  8)

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 19:50, Sun 03 February 2013 »
r4223r!! i found out that my?your old five is still on the road but the dvla wouldnt tell me where. lol

so he didnt crash it!!!!! :lol:

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 12:44, Tue 29 January 2013 »
no way. lol i think the guy i sold it to has killed it.  :(

but now i have a scooby to sell and could get steveL s old car. (i think it was his anyway)
just need to sell the scooby

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 16:59, Sun 09 December 2012 »
Yeah I did mate. Sold it to fund my business. But wish I hadn't now. It's the only car I have ever regretted selling. Really wana find it an buy it back.

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 17:12, Thu 06 December 2012 »
i miss my car! :-(

General Chat / Re: Hi guys! I'm back!!!!!
« on: 19:54, Sun 04 March 2012 »
no mate still cant find her. i will tho!! lol
congratulations on the little one  :D
you have been working on the five for a so yeah just take your time mate.

General Chat / Re: Hi guys! I'm back!!!!!
« on: 08:12, Fri 24 February 2012 »
Thanks bud. Yeah work is great I like not haveing to answer to some idiot. Lol

Yeah I hope I can find my car. :)

General Chat / Re: Hi guys! I'm back!!!!!
« on: 22:08, Thu 23 February 2012 »
Hay bud how's ur beast? Im
Now kind of like a handyman. Any job in a home I can do. Kitchen fitting/ bathroom fitting anything really. It's going very well at the mo. just miss my car. Have dreams about her and everything. Sad I know but hay. Lol

General Chat / Re: Hi guys! I'm back!!!!!
« on: 07:22, Fri 30 December 2011 »
Thanks mate! Yeah had to make a choice (a bloody hard one) but business is good and now I want her back!!!! Lol

General Chat / Hi guys! I'm back!!!!!
« on: 21:38, Thu 29 December 2011 »
Hay guys. It's been a while.
Hope everyone is good and had a good xmas.

Rite is there anyone on hear that can find my baby!
I sold her to fund my new business. Business is doing great and I want her back but lost the guys number.
I sold her to a guy in Hastings.
If anyone can help that would be amazing!!!!

I keep dreaming about her and have never missed a car till now!!!!!

Your cars / Re: MY BABY
« on: 20:55, Fri 12 August 2011 »
well car is going great!!!!!!!
going for a nice long drive to poole tomorrow if anyone is in that area????

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: AFR READINGS??????
« on: 21:57, Fri 05 August 2011 »
cool yeah i think i will get a new one. just funds are low after mot and tax. but its definatly next on me list.

really happy to have her back though. keep finding excuses to go to the shops! lol

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: AFR READINGS??????
« on: 20:47, Fri 05 August 2011 »
thanks guys, yeah i want a standard carb again. as i dont like the group a. since i put that on i had hgf. so not happy just dont want to do it again.

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