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General Chat / Why do people ruin them ?
« on: 10:29, Wed 06 April 2011 »
Ok - the Renault 5 Cabriolet wasnt the prettiest car in the world to start off with but why kit it up and paint it yellow.

There was a VW advert a few years back and it stated ....... "Some things are best left alone", damn good advice if you ask me !! ... 230fb89183

Your cars / Re: My Renault 5 campus turbo
« on: 11:46, Wed 30 March 2011 »
Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!

Reminds me of my old Clio ...... sleepers ftw

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: turbo boost
« on: 19:55, Sat 26 March 2011 »
310 bhp ???

Would love to see the RR print out

We all know these are a pain in the arse and you cant repair them. Most of the second hand ones you buy tend to be just as knackered as the ones you have taken off you car. They dont work in sub zero condition's and barely work when its warm.

There is a cheap and easy repair / replacement which comes from the Renault 5's little brother.......the Clio. The internal door lock mechanism and electric solenoid for the central locking off a 1997 / 1998 Clio 1 / ph 3 ( the last of the 1st generation Clio's with the combined headlight and indicator ) will fit the Renault 5 perfectly.

The lock bolts in place and the connecting rods fasten up in exactly the same way.

The only difference is the wiring / connector. Make sure you take the connector off the donor car and about 15cm of the wiring.

On the GT Turbo the central locking loom / connector has 5 terminals. One red / 2 purple / 2 white. Cut the connector off and insulate the red - you dont need it. Then quickly check the current with a circuit tester / voltage meter as one of the purple wires gives off more current than the other purple wire. Same applies with the white. When you have found the more powerful feed insulate the less powerful purple and white. You are then left with 2 wires ( you check the current feed by pressing your key fob with the voltage meter connected to the wires ) OK

On the Clio loom there are 2 connectors - more or less same colour. Connect the wires accordingly ( purple - purple / white - white ) join the wires and then connect the pluginto the solenoid and test the central locking. You will find it works very well and a hell of a lot more powerful than your original locks. The button on the centre console for locking your doors will still work fine ( test )

The locks / solenoid you need will have "Vachette" stamped on them. They look different but fit perfect !!

Done the job on my car and they are spot on

Do it yourself / GT Turbo workshop manual
« on: 17:36, Tue 22 March 2011 »
In French but i like looking at the pictures

Special tooling + standard Renault 5

And one for the Gordini / alpine lads

« on: 17:14, Tue 22 March 2011 »
Ooooooofff - every body owes me a pint

Renault 5 GT Turbo / C405 BODY PARTS DIAGRAM
« on: 15:42, Tue 22 March 2011 »
How nice am i ...........If you need any part numbers for any of these items just email me

General Chat / Re: Write up of a GT Build
« on: 14:03, Wed 16 March 2011 »
Looked like a good project but i stopped reading at this pic..........

Why ??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Identify the turbo
« on: 16:42, Tue 08 February 2011 »
I have a used engine from a 1991 Raider thats been in stock for some time. Its in superb condition and has been tagged up with a "49k" label. The engine is immaculate and looks spot on.

The turbo on the car ( again in mint condition ) has a dark green twin port actuator and has the numbers BC M27 A/R 48 on the front and on the exit pipe ( intercooler hose port ) it has "87." stamped on the inside. The air intake of the turbo is circular with a larger diameter rim surrounding it.

Is this turbo special or am i talking sh*t ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: VOLVO N7Q 2.0 16V
« on: 08:57, Fri 26 November 2010 »
They can be picked up very cheap Mark ........ ... 19c10f0b32

Im sure a few extra quid would get you the gearbox and running gear.

The lay out of the Volvo engine in the Laguna is very similar to the F4R unit ( alternator position etc ) although to be honest ive never seen the Turbo version close up in a Volvo T4.

With a little fabrication work im damn sure you could squeeze one in.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Heater blower
« on: 09:19, Thu 25 November 2010 »
Thought so - will have a look at it over the weekend



Renault 5 GT Turbo / Heater blower
« on: 09:17, Thu 25 November 2010 »
Throwing warm air through the outer vents but middle ones throwing out cold ? ( like the E class W124 Mercs )

Possible heater vent flaps stuck / cables come off ?

Anyone come across this problem before ?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: VOLVO N7Q 2.0 16V
« on: 09:14, Thu 25 November 2010 »
I dont think a lot of people know about this engine and its Renault / Volvo link.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: sticky cable
« on: 14:21, Wed 24 November 2010 »
Ive had them were they fray and the loose wires get caught on the plastic housing and cause the cable to stick. Personally i would fit a new cable and spring ( tension spring for acc cable on rear of carb )

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