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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: torsion bar removal problems.
« on: 21:32, Thu 31 May 2012 »
really dont fancy getting a whole new beam  :lol: will have another crack at it this weekend!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: torsion bar removal problems.
« on: 08:14, Thu 31 May 2012 »
haha sounds like fun! the slide hammer we're using is pretty big, about 3ft of stud with a weight on the end, ended up injuring my arm  :lol: i've been giving it a good soak all this week and will give it another go this weekend. if it doesnt come out i dont know what i'll do, as its far too low.

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: torsion bar removal problems.
« on: 13:52, Wed 30 May 2012 »
its still on the car  :lol:

Renault 5 GT Turbo / torsion bar removal problems.
« on: 21:32, Sun 27 May 2012 »
hi all, trying to return my 5 to it's origional ride height. took the rear shocks off and give the spline a good soak in wd40, tryed to remove the bar with a similar remove tool. didnt budge one bit, even give it a heat up (later reading i wasnt meant to), anyone got any ideas on how to get it out?

Any tips would be good

Thanks :)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / rear suspension
« on: 20:04, Tue 01 May 2012 »
hi guys, my 5 has been up on axle stands for about a year, so i forgot how low it actually was..cant get a piece of paper between the back wheel  :lol: i know the front end is easy to change, but whats the situation with the rear? does anyone have a step by step or could give me some tips on returning it back to the origional/higher ride height.
Any info would be great.


General Chat / prep work/paint
« on: 20:35, Fri 30 March 2012 »
hi all, im planning on spraying my 5 when the body work is all a-ok, does anyone know of a good set of videos or someone has a step by step, i know its not as simple as step by step, but i need to know the basic steps of prepping & spraying the body work, any tips would be great, thank you :)

General Chat / Re: Mintest one ever? 14,995!
« on: 12:24, Mon 26 March 2012 »
is that real :lol:

General Chat / Re: Bumpers?
« on: 19:27, Sun 11 March 2012 »
yeah i've seen the cost of the strips on ebay, pretty expensive, need to fill a cool air feed in on the bumper so will do the strips at the same time  :wink:

General Chat / Re: Bumpers?
« on: 12:07, Sat 10 March 2012 »
cheers guys, i havnt seen a fully smoothed 5 yet, dont really like the look of the tailgate being smoothed out, but the bumpers that i have seen smoothed look pretty smart, i might end up smoothing them as the strips are pretty expensive for what they are, + i would need new ones as mine are abit butchered!

General Chat / Bumpers?
« on: 14:14, Fri 09 March 2012 »
hi all, i've just bought new bumpers for the 5 as they were both badly damaged and un-repairable, whats with everyone removing the bumper strips? just wondering, i dont like the look of the strips myself, whats your opinions?


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: rear arch's
« on: 11:30, Wed 08 February 2012 »
ah yeah, sounds good mate, ill give it ago. thanks

Renault 5 GT Turbo / rear arch's
« on: 20:10, Tue 07 February 2012 »
alryt fellas, i bought some used rear arches, tryed to fit them and couldnt get any grip from the bolts that screw into the firbre-glass, ive tryed filling them in with filler & fibre-glass but just seems to crack then fall out :P anyone have any suggestions to fill them in ?
Much appreciated :)

Your cars / Re: my 5 before restoration!!!
« on: 20:43, Mon 30 January 2012 »
Hurty, yeah its in bhead :) where are you located? i thought i was alone :(

Your cars / Re: Djs second R5 Tungy Jplate
« on: 19:57, Fri 21 October 2011 »
loving your work mate,  :mrgreen: i need to teach myself how to spray! mines gonna need doing eventually, dad has a compressor etc, have to find a guide or something  :lol: keep it up mate!

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Rear bumper:/
« on: 07:21, Mon 17 October 2011 »
That's helped me alot lads, thanks  :mrgreen: I think mine looks worse as there are about 3 different colours around the back bumper  :lol: probably abit of an illusion!
Thanks again,

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