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Your cars / Re: My little R5.
« on: 12:28, Wed 15 September 2010 »
I far from have a standard foot!!
And it has an uprated Turbo and carb on it..
And tbh I just want something little really...
My insurance is ridiculous for it also as I have ended amounts of points so..

Your cars / Re: My little R5.
« on: 08:19, Wed 15 September 2010 »
Yeah, I'm selling it :(
I live in Torquay and work in Exeter, too deer to run up and back everyday, and knowing how unreliable they are I don't wanna risk it while it's still perfect lol!!!
So if you guys know anyone whos interested swing them my way.

Your cars / Re: My little R5.
« on: 17:10, Sun 12 September 2010 »
Yeah I know, the exhaust is deffo going its rank!
Getting new wheels etc...

I know, it was an original grille too, hence why I think he got stolen :(

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: r5 turb box probs
« on: 17:03, Sun 12 September 2010 »
Quote from: "5-Mission"
I had similar happen to my JB5 box on my R9 a few years ago, although I was giving it abuse at the time. There was a tremendous crunch as it went into 2nd but it still drove fine for another mile or so. It was only when I tried putting it in reverse turning round in my girlfriend's road that it wouldn't go, then it wouldn't go in any gear at all after that.
When I finally took it apart and looked inside it was a right mess, looked like it had exploded :|

Well the box the guy put in my car now, it crunches in 2nd, most of the time, not every single time but most of the time and crunches in reverse tooo :(

...New box again im guessing>?

Your cars / My little R5.
« on: 16:57, Sun 12 September 2010 »
Heres a few snaps of my, well, different R5 GT. It's like marmite. :)
(The grille got pinched :(, and the bumpers need putting on straight..)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: r5 turb box probs
« on: 18:03, Sun 05 September 2010 »
Quote from: "markey mark (bd)"
Sounds like something in the box has gone, if its locking up then something broke off and jamming the diff or gears solid. Did you loose drive when the box went bang?

Also might be worth checking the driveshafts too just incase the cv joints haven't exploded.
See if the drivshafts turn when its in gear and driving, i'd put car on axle stands just incase.

yeah lost drive when went bang still would go in gear and clutch still went in rolled it down hill in to garage . but when it got towed on to truck is now stuck and will not turn over i think hre said any ideas

Quote from: "Ash-Lee"
Quote from: "SarahR5GT"
what where the old wheels u have in the pic on there they well nice ?

The original graphite coloured wheels?

If so, they are the wheels that come on the Clio Williams.

no the check 1's they look mint ..

what where the old wheels u have in the pic on there they well nice ?

Renault 5 GT Turbo / r5 turb box probs
« on: 12:57, Sun 05 September 2010 »
Hey guys.
I was just wondering if anyone knows about boxes and diffs cause I was driving the other day and driving sensibly also, and the car went bang, I thought it was the clutch cause the thrust bearing started to go (i think)..
I tried to push it down the road and it locked up but managed to move it, however it still engages in every gear and the clutch still goes in and out..
One garage thought it was the box, another thinks its the diff??
The second garage cant move it either cause its just completely locked up now..
What do you lot think??

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Gearboxes.
« on: 14:13, Wed 04 August 2010 »
Hey, I'm getting a R5 soon but the guy who were getting it off needs to put in a new box and hes having trouble getting hold of one.
Someone mentioned to me last night that a Clio 16v box and a Renault 19 box will fit in the R5GTT is that right or does it need to be a R5GTT box??

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