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Spotted / Was It You? / Brands Hatch track day (5th Feb 2010)
« on: 20:49, Wed 21 July 2010 »
I did a track day at Brands back in Feb in my E30 BMW (which is currently up for sale) and thought you would like to see these pics with some nice GT TURBO'S that were there on this day...
Are you members on this forum??

Newbies / Newbie from Hertfordshire...
« on: 20:24, Wed 21 July 2010 »
Hi all,
Glad to of joined this great forum!! :D
I currently own an E30 BMW 325i track car which i'm selling on ebay at the mo and then i hope to buy a nice GT TURBO with the sale of the BM...(fingers crossed!!)

Here are a few pic's of my BM i'm selling...

With the sale of my BM and a bit of extra cash i hope to have about 1,500...can i buy a pretty good GT TURBO with that budget??


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