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Newbies / Re: I'm new
« on: 22:03, Sun 18 July 2010 »
Quote from: "CraigWalker"
Hey man, welcome to the site, im new here too, im currently 16, but looking for a R5 GTT for my first car, but heard the insurance is quite harsh, what was your insurance when you first got your 1.4 campus ?

hello bud, I had it about 8 years ago and it was 1400.00 although I did declare the bodykitt and had a claim before that, I would hate to think how much it would be for a gtt at your age. You know what they say good things come to those who wait.

Newbies / Re: I'm new
« on: 21:55, Sun 18 July 2010 »
Quote from: "scratcher"
Welcome to the team dude  :D

I hope the GTT was worth the wait for you.

It most certainly is, It was only meant to be a weekend car but iv been driving it all week, there awsome.

Newbies / I'm new
« on: 19:18, Fri 16 July 2010 »
Hi sorry getting a bit carried away on this site without introducing myself. My names matt and I have always wanted a gtt but got the wife pregnant and then had to buy a house etc etc so the r5 got put to the back of the list but now have finaly got one and can't wait to start playing. I had a 1.4 campus when I was 17 and put a turbo kit on it and got hooked. Keep up the good work lads.

General Chat / Re: newbie r5
« on: 18:55, Fri 16 July 2010 »
It pops a little when I ease off but is fine when in boost. I found faulty connections to the fuel pump today so could be the reason will keep you noted many thanks

General Chat / newbie r5
« on: 22:04, Thu 15 July 2010 »

i have recently brought an r5 turbo which i am told is running at 15psi on a hybrid, I have a problem tho as it seems as tho the engine cant seem to keep up with the turbo in simple terms, would this be ignition timing or do i need to upgrade the carb. there doesnt seem to be any air leaks and boost doesnt drop on guage.  

would appreciate any help as is racking my brain

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