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Newbies / Re: Hey
« on: 08:23, Sat 20 March 2010 »
dont have any recent pics with it being buggered but i'll get some old uns up of it on the road.
not sure whats up with it as dont know alot with electronics

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Help needed
« on: 16:50, Thu 18 March 2010 »
Really needing help getting my '86 back on the road.
She's been off the road for 2 and a half years now due to running costs and getting another car.
Had to change battery and on starting her up all i got was the fan turning and nothing else.
there is an immobilisor fitted so maybe that could be a problem.
As not very electrical I was wandering if there is anyone in scotland or close to fife that would be able to have a look or help in anyway.
Think it's a waste of money I've spent on her sitting there and am missing the boost that you dont get from new cars.


Newbies / Hey
« on: 16:26, Thu 18 March 2010 »
Just a quick one from a Fifer

never been on a R5 owners forum even though i've owned one since 2004.
Been into them since i was 10 and had seen my fat boy driving past.
the Ren's currently off the road at the moment so hoping theres a few people people near by that can help me in anyway possible


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