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General Chat / wideband set up.
« on: 15:41, Tue 09 November 2010 »
just wondering if anybody is local to derbyshire willing to do wideband set ups?my car runs rich as hell.

allso just need somebody who knows what they are doing to just have a look at the engine,make sure all the vac hoses are correct etc

im willing to travell about 35 miles to get it done and im happy to pay cash.


General Chat / tungy grey paint code
« on: 23:31, Mon 19 July 2010 »
is it 608 or something like that?

my code has rubbed off when i had strut brace fitted.i can just make out 60 but cant see the rest of the numbers.


Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: jus a quik 1
« on: 22:11, Mon 19 July 2010 »
its for the ashtray light mate.should go just next to the black plug.

Your cars / Re: my tungy 5 with some pics
« on: 18:32, Mon 19 July 2010 »
getting there now mate. door pissed me off tho when i did it.

alots changed since my first post.....just incase you was wondering why it says full yellow hoses and strut brace etc..i sold them a while ago.

ill have another bash at it over the weekend.happy days

Your cars / Re: my tungy 5 with some pics
« on: 11:50, Sat 17 July 2010 »
started work on the 5 today.was planning on getting the side stickers fitted todey and try to get the back down another 35mm.
but after removing the grey rear quarter sticker  all was going well but then i got to th door and as i was pulling the sticker off half the paint came with it :evil: .
pluss found a big hole in the sill when i took the side skirt off.

then the rain came so packed up for the day.getting there going to go to romac or something and get a tin of paint made up just to go under the stckers as they are kinda see through and the primer is red.

on a pluss side iv managed to free up both torsion bars ready for when the weather gets better.came out pretty easy.

first time iv realy done anything to it since i brought it. starting to get stuck in now.

Your cars / Re: my tungy 5 with some pics
« on: 12:22, Fri 16 July 2010 »
plans for this weekend are to lower the back abit more and drop the front.

put some origonal red stickers down the sides.

sort the starting problom.

try and get the rear bumper to sit level.

then sort some tax.its been sat on the drive since i brought it 6-7 month ago

Renault 5 GT Turbo / wont start,verry faint spark
« on: 13:59, Thu 15 July 2010 »
anybody got any clue as to why my car wont start.

im getting fuel to the carb and have a spark but its not a good spark.looks week and i can only just see it.


General Chat / avo coilover rebuild kit
« on: 11:50, Thu 15 July 2010 »
anybody know where i could get a rebuild kit for some avo coilovers.
its the damper part i need to sort.could i rebuild without some sort of kit or can i buy a kit from somewhere.


General Chat / Re: best fabric for covering door cards
« on: 22:29, Tue 13 July 2010 »
thats what iv got mate but looks like a dog has had its claws into them at some point.

General Chat / best fabric for covering door cards
« on: 18:27, Tue 13 July 2010 »
just wondering if anybody knows of any decent fabraic i could use to re cover my front door cards as they are a little tatty and my cars for sale so want to tidy a couple of things up

has anybody covered theres in any leather effect type stuff??i brought some of ebay a while ago to cover them but it wont stretch mush to do a good job.

anybody done anything like this and could give me a good idea of what to use and where to buy?

looking for some sort of black leather effect stuff to match the seats but need it to be stretchy to go round door handle bumps and stuff.

any info would be great.


General Chat / Re: first click on turn of the key
« on: 22:07, Thu 08 July 2010 »

General Chat / first click on turn of the key
« on: 15:59, Thu 08 July 2010 »
sounds daft but what light should i get on the dash with the first click on ignition.

i turn my key to first position and nothing,then tun to second and i get hand brake light,battary etc.

just wondering if i should get anything in the first position.

allso anybody know what colour wire at the back of the clocks is for the speedo to connect my alarm to


General Chat / Re: How much is it worth?
« on: 21:02, Thu 10 June 2010 »
yeah i think thats a campus grill.

with a good pollish and the correct grill could fetch anywhere from 1500-2000 depending what it runs like and what histery its got.

it looks like a good origonal example which alot of buyers look for now they are getting rarer.

General Chat / Re: How much is it worth?
« on: 18:13, Thu 10 June 2010 »
phase 2.

looks like a good example.

could do with a polish tho.

bout 500 imo. :?

General Chat / Re: bloody paypal
« on: 13:28, Thu 10 June 2010 »
just contacted them...

they say the account has been closed and the balance is 00.12p :?

do you think its possable mny account dtails have been changed by sombody and spent all my money??

does anybody know of any other(safer) money exchanging sites on the net???

looks like somebodys got into my account.

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