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General Chat / Re: my facebook r5 gt turbo group
« on: 06:12, Sun 20 January 2013 »
now have 502 members :) really popular group. stevel please feel free to link this forum on the page

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 16:46, Fri 04 January 2013 »
haha i know yeah if there was ever a case of dont judge a book by its cover then this is it. hopefully be done and ready for aprils dyno day

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: tuners northwest
« on: 07:11, Sat 15 December 2012 »
try scoff at efi-parts in runcorn or pip at wgt in middlewich.

General Chat / Re: Logging out...
« on: 20:08, Tue 20 November 2012 »
im also having this problem guys

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 16:39, Mon 12 November 2012 »
its a surprise that never happened mate  :shock:

bit of an update, removed my tubular manifold as iv sold it to a guy local to me. i want go back to standard manifold as it sounds so much better.

also iv removed my turbo and will be sending it to my mate to get a billet comp wheel fitted look forward to seeing what it can do compared to the pulsat t28 wheel

pic of billet wheel vs current pulsar t28

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 14:20, Fri 02 November 2012 »
yesterday popped up the garage and whilst there i decided to remove some sound deadening out the boot.

As you will see there is no floor pan hardly left in the drivers side, luckily my mate mike at gt turbo spares is sending me a floor pan up with seat mounts etc.

on the plus side the inner sill on drivers side is now fitted/welded

got a quick pic, you reckon there is something missing? for some reason the flintstones comes to mind haha

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 14:16, Fri 02 November 2012 »
thanks alot mate :) am glad not everybody thinks im insane haha :lol:

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 04:44, Wed 31 October 2012 »
hi mate god knows how its not been picked up as you didnt need a hammer to poke through it, you could do it with your thumb, i know at the last mot they stated limited inspection due to bodykit  :?

oh yes fella its all being replaced theres no going back now were too far into this  :lol: , yes the jacking point is none existent but i have a new one from gt turbo spares to go there.

i think 99.9% of people would of broke the car for parts or reshelled it but i couldnt do that this is my car any other way wouldnt of been the same,  i suppose one good thing is it will have a bloody solid shell for years to come

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 16:42, Tue 30 October 2012 »
big ouch ash take a look at the new pics

here we go guys this is the bit i was telling you about, gotta virtually have whole new drivers side floor and have new seat mounts made up.

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 17:49, Mon 29 October 2012 »
right people here comes the mess that is the drivers side, received the pics earlier today as you can see its a bit fecked.

Your cars / Re: My Gtturbo
« on: 19:32, Wed 24 October 2012 »
great stuff mate defo keep us updated with this

also have you checked if the servo is working correctly etc

Newbies / Re: Hello All
« on: 19:18, Wed 24 October 2012 »
welcome along kial

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 19:15, Wed 24 October 2012 »
cheers kial

just about to order a jacking point for drivers side off gt turbo spares

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 16:36, Wed 24 October 2012 »
nail on the head there ash you never know whats being hidden under the skin

really impressed with the progress and attention to detail my mate is showing he is not leaving anything that could become a problem.

thats one place on mine that seems ok around the headlights but you never know something will probably pop up :(

when will you be doing them jobs pal

Your cars / Re: my 1991 R5 GT Turbo
« on: 13:17, Tue 23 October 2012 »
received a couple more pics now were getting into the bad side this is drivers rear arch/corner and back panel

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