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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Clutch tool?
« on: 00:21, Mon 02 April 2012 »
top tip Ash!  

I did the same  (minus the electrical tape) - worked a treat  :mrgreen:

Newbies / Re: *waves* noob droppin in
« on: 21:04, Tue 27 March 2012 »
firstly -  welcome to the forum  :mrgreen:

secondly - that fiesta looks amazing! 8)    

third (and most importantly :D ) -  looks like you have found a nice tidy 5 to get stuck into!  5's generally do run a bit hot but as long as your cooling system is in good order there's nothing to worrry about.....

lastly - an RS 200???? are you shittin me?...such a rare sight.....  I love it :lol:

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 07:05, Sat 17 March 2012 »
Quote from: "andybond"
I can picture a bearing in lots of bits sloshing around.

like this  :lol:  ( hopefully not though )

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 19:23, Fri 16 March 2012 »
gutted....... I thought you had sneakily got away with it  :cry:

You gonna keep it running till it can run no more? buy another or do a swift bottom end rebuild?  8)

Your cars / Re: tungy
« on: 19:53, Thu 15 March 2012 »

cheers James.....I have not really driven the 5 properly yet!  I am dying to though!. I have been mad busy with work/uni assesments I have not had much time.  I have had it out my parents garage a couple of times and around their area to check everything works with no leaks...... it sounds awesome with the standard exh mani back on & sidey  :mrgreen: ! - really happy with it :D

I have changed the oil+filter twice though in this short time! and I think I am going to be really strick with it so it wont break on me! - Im sure I will lose the fear (of breaking it) once im boosting properly!

my mate is coming round tomorrow so we will be attacking some electrical gremlins and giving it a good clean!

freshly de-rusted & painted

and here it it all back in 8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: NGK Irridium
« on: 00:04, Sat 10 March 2012 »
I'm sure that will be fine.

Thats all I ever do..... If not, I'm sure someone will correct me though  8)

Your cars / Re: tungy
« on: 17:53, Mon 05 March 2012 »
cheers James, I hope I have some luck with this one :D  

I had the head measured at its not had a bad life and been skimmed to death :lol:

so engine will only be slightly higher comp than standard ( i think/maybe not with the h/g :?: ) ... I tried using a comp ratio calculator online but I got a little confused on what values it was asking for. So I ditched it!

 I will not be running any boost - or maybe just a little... for a while till I rack up some miles, so I will see if I can make some det cans in the mean time! although I would not have a clue what to listen for :mrgreen:

Your cars / Re: tungy
« on: 06:08, Mon 05 March 2012 »
thanks guys - I just hope this engine works as it should (lasting more than 5 mins) being my first build :D

Your cars / Re: my five.
« on: 05:59, Mon 05 March 2012 »
nice one, I think you had a lucky escape from the death rattle  :mrgreen:

how are you finding the t28 @18psi??  I really want more power, but dont know how much lag I could live with

looks ace James!  it is/was definetley slammed   :lol:

so whats your plan of action for this one?....turbo the 2.0 or go f7p turbo again?

welcome  8)

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: How to remove the dizzy drive gear?
« on: 11:22, Sat 03 March 2012 »
you need to turn the actual drive-gear CLOCKWISE to remove it from the teeth in the cam, once its free you can wiggle it out with pliers

I had trouble removing it recently, but thanks to advice from james5 I got it out - you may need to use a bit of force to free it from the cam as I found out  :D

Your cars / Re: tungy
« on: 10:11, Thu 01 March 2012 »
been a long time since I have updated this....

about 2 weeks after I replaced the rings etc I had major engine failure.... I initially thought that I had spun a bearing or something........... but once I stripped the engine I soon realised it was MUCH worse  :(

A conrod tried to escape through the front of the block  :lol:

the completley mangled piston & liner

so since then I have bought a standard bottom end which I have completley rebuilt. as well as poly-bushing the front end and replacing whishbones, track rods and ball joints, rear disks and pads.

the new engine will be of slightly higher compression to the last one, namley due to a slightly skimmed head and ditching the low comp pistons setup and using standard comp pistons

so this is where im at now  :D   engine is good to go  8)

I just need to repaint part of the bay and the lump is ready to be dropped back in this weekend  :mrgreen:

General Chat / Re: newbie looking for r5
« on: 20:30, Tue 21 February 2012 »
that cost was a really basic run down.... it can easily get out of hand especially if you fancy new pistons/liners, think of decent cam, vernier etc. It all depends on what you want from the engine.  

3k..... Ouch!   was that for someone to carry out a full build or just the parts for you to build it?

I am just using a garage at home.... not ideal but better than working outside  :lol:

I tend to buy all my parts from Mike   memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=1202

he owns

he is extremley helpfull, has a heap of old/new parts, and offers fast delivery.... what more could you want :D

General Chat / Re: newbie looking for r5
« on: 19:32, Tue 21 February 2012 »
Quote from: "wrxcook"
Hi I'm just west Edinburgh a place called Broxburn, how much is it costing you to rebuild the engine yourself roughly, I would consider it, also what time scale are you putting on the rebuild

I gave myself a month turn around for the build as I am lucky to get one full day a week at it... but that is now turning in to 2 months as I keep buying more parts  :lol:  ...and delayed by engineers :evil:

cost depends on how far you wanna go really.   new piston/liner set?... cam?

I am using std pistons from another block that I got - just got them checked/cleaned up with new rings.  If the engine is running sound then I would say just renew all the bearings, piston rings, timing chain, top & bottom gasket set.....  250ish  and away you go  8)

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