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That engine bay is superb. Love the idea of the hidden header tank and brake fluid tank.

Keep up the good work

Your cars / Re: phase 2 Dacia 1310 GT Turbo
« on: 16:38, Tue 06 April 2010 »
i absolutely love it you crazy romanian guy!!! haha

awesome car :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

Your cars / Re: My porject
« on: 21:57, Mon 15 March 2010 »
Seen you on saxp :P


Your cars / Re: photos finally
« on: 16:12, Fri 12 March 2010 »
i think thats the one that "kidd" off rms had for sale!

looks nice mate! you selling it?

Your cars / Re: H150 GTT Cars
« on: 15:53, Fri 12 March 2010 »
please if your going let me know by pm, as i would love to see your motor mate!

Your cars / Re: H150 GTT Cars
« on: 23:44, Thu 11 March 2010 »
Ultimate Car Show in Larne on 28th march mate. Details here:

im in Carrickfergus. get onto or for all show info in Northern and Southern Ireland mate!


Your cars / Re: H150 GTT Cars
« on: 00:34, Wed 10 March 2010 »
you gonna take this to a show sometime soon? i wana look around it mate and hopefully can get a few bits off ya lol

fail ollie :P

this tungy is the nicest r5 i have ever seen! ollie will even tell you, raider or not, i have always lusted over tungys and wanted my first r5 to be one - but ended up with a red one ffs!

but absolute credit to you, ya lucky bastard lmfao!!!!

Your cars / Re: 2000 Citroen Saxo VTSupercharged
« on: 01:07, Wed 03 March 2010 »
them modern lines are nice but fed up with this euro shite...doing my head in!

and if the saxo is built i will go to it. but not looking likely! :(

Your cars / Re: B20ENJ phase 2 tungy
« on: 20:11, Tue 02 March 2010 »
fuck me that tungy is the absolute dogs danglies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your cars / Re: 2000 Citroen Saxo VTSupercharged
« on: 20:09, Tue 02 March 2010 »
lol yeah on wheel whores too

have had some rare rims in my time....mim raffinos, oz saturn pluses, phase one ronal turbos, brock b1s 10" wide etc

yeah im loving the bright and vibrant colours! i have cool plans for the cam covers :D:D:D:D:D

Your cars / Re: 2000 Citroen Saxo VTSupercharged
« on: 17:46, Tue 02 March 2010 »
benj i bought it off ebay, but it can cost around 150 to do! it should be kicking out around 220bhp at the wheels when done!

anyways.....still waiting on saxo coming back from shotblasting so i give the rear calipers and steering rack a going over.

i love the rear calipers especially :), heres piccies:

steering rack:


once shell is back i will get really stuck into it. also been working on raider bits and bobs so not massive progress to be honest!

got some goodies back from poweder coating :)

came up a treat:

still waiting on car getting back from painting and also working on my supercharged saxo, so bit of slow progress

but a little does alot :)

Your cars / Re: 2000 Citroen Saxo VTSupercharged
« on: 19:24, Sat 13 February 2010 »
im not sure to be honest but they are highly recommended when running big power

Your cars / Re: 2000 Citroen Saxo VTSupercharged
« on: 10:41, Thu 11 February 2010 »
lol cheers

infact i love the r5 better as its a restoration project.

R5 gtts are now very hard to find, where as you can find a saxo anywhere!!!

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