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General Chat / Re: t25?
« on: 23:03, Fri 09 July 2010 »
pirtek 14 for the union and adapter i got one when i fitted my t25 mate.

Your cars / Re: my gtt
« on: 23:01, Sun 27 June 2010 »
very smart 5 were did u get they dials mate??

Your cars / Re: renault 5 gt turbo (campus) UPDATE:D
« on: 22:41, Fri 04 June 2010 »
Update :D Got a t25 from rob which i am very pleased with also got a forge double cap and some sfs and samco hoses.put gtt seats back in as the leathers aint doing it for me and found a red carpet which was in a right mess oil all over it BUT with a little tlc i managed to get it looking pritty good :mrgreen: .also got a sidey with 2 1/2downpipe not fitted yet will fit when i fit the t25.

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 20:59, Tue 09 February 2010 »
fantastic mate need to buy a cabinet now to put it in lol.:D:D

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 21:18, Mon 08 February 2010 »
wow man looks fantastic.i should have cash either next week or the week after so if thats ok i will pay u then mate call it 55 for your time and effort well apprectate it mate.cheers gary :D  :D  :D

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 16:43, Sun 07 February 2010 »
awryt mate howz dad was asking me to ask you if you could do a model of a speedboat his one its a flecher arrowflyte.cheers mate.

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 13:33, Thu 04 February 2010 »
how you getting on with the project mate looks awsome so far eny new pics :D cheers gary.

Your cars / Re: my phase 1 hope you like.
« on: 22:51, Mon 01 February 2010 »
i like they lights how did u get them yellow mate :D very smart.

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 23:29, Mon 25 January 2010 »
wow mate this looks amazing cant wait till i buy this beast :D:D:D cheers mate

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 00:14, Sun 24 January 2010 »
i am not botherd mate just decided what you think would look best if u think the ones of ebay would be better then i will cover the cost but if u think that the standard ones look better then keep them on not botherd mate.have u sold many of these mate its a good thing u have going on here.cheers mate.

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 23:51, Sat 23 January 2010 »
good stuff mate cant wait to see it when its are u going to do my alloys tho? lol would that be hard.also my water resovouir is now red lol so if its possible could that also be painted red if not its ok as i see u are putting a lot of work into it mate.keep me updated well done. :D  :D

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 23:35, Sat 23 January 2010 »
wow got to say mate very very impressed so far love the engine bay lol awsome cant wait till its done then buy it :D cheers mate good work.

General Chat / Re: Anyone play Forza 3 ?
« on: 23:15, Sat 26 December 2009 »
yip i play it just sold my fiesta with the rs250 lump :(

General Chat / Re: cgb stickers
« on: 22:36, Thu 17 December 2009 »
got my carb repair kit orderd today and got james to chuck in the cgb motorsport sticker for my rear window :D:D:D keep yous updated guys on how i get on.

General Chat / cgb stickers
« on: 23:16, Mon 14 December 2009 »
awryt guys was wondering does enyone know if cgb do stickers i seen some one on here with a cgb motorsport sticker on the back window cant mind whos car it was tho.looks nice and want to buy one.along with my carb overhaul kit :D cheerssss :P

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