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Test area / Test message
« on: 10:26, Wed 19 June 2013 »
Here is my test message to check the time settings

General Chat / Re: Logging out...
« on: 22:02, Sun 20 January 2013 »
Sorry fellas. Didn't get the time over the Christmas holiday period. Going to allow all next weekend to do stuff with this website.

General Chat / Re: Logging out...
« on: 20:13, Sat 29 December 2012 »
Hi fella's, sorry I haven't been about on here much lately.

There are a number of issues I've noticed so will be spending a bit of time over the next few days trying to sort them out, this being one of them !!

Hope your having a good Christmas !!

General Chat / Re: police interceptors series one episode 1, i think
« on: 21:18, Wed 28 December 2011 »
Yeah that was spotted a while ago !!



General Chat / Anyone Playing Forza 4
« on: 15:05, Thu 27 October 2011 »
As title really... I got it last week and think its the nuts.. Better than Forza 3  !!

Media / V-tec and Turbo'd Supra and More
« on: 12:17, Mon 03 October 2011 »



Quality !!

Your cars / Re: Please when posting images
« on: 21:20, Mon 05 September 2011 »
No worries mate..

To have a space between 2 images is 2 lines.

To have 1 image under the other is 1 line.

To stretch the whole page is no line between images.

I might apply a mod that puts spaces in for people so it doesn't happen !!

Your cars / Re: Please when posting images
« on: 15:12, Sun 04 September 2011 »
Quote from: "dj_craig_"
Has my thread needed editing?

Yes indeed Craig... It was a nightmare trying to sort out !! lol

Just for future reference though put a line between each image !!

Your cars / Please when posting images
« on: 23:33, Fri 02 September 2011 »
Please could you put a line between each image as some people are not and the forum then goes really wide and it cannot be edited because the moderator cannot get to the edit button. Then the only way to edit them is for me to go deep into the forums database and edit the posts there which is rather a pain to do.


Media / Angry Boys - Daniel and Nathan
« on: 22:47, Thu 01 September 2011 »
Pulsar... Pulsii !!




Media / Don't look away when Im talking to you
« on: 23:51, Tue 30 August 2011 »

 :lol:  :lol:

General Chat / Re: James5
« on: 15:04, Tue 30 August 2011 »
Quote from: "James5"
Cheers Peeps, not sure I will be back with a 5 for a while, even getting behind the wheel of a car at the mo is scary :(  I am using the bus service at the mo to get to work.  Physically my body is ok but mentally I am struggling, think it's the severity of the incident.

Mate I know its scary after a big accident. After the accident I was in I hated being a passenger in a car going at speed. It still scares the poo out of us now (13 years later) being a passenger in a car driven at speed that I am not driving !!

Glad your ok and take it easy... !!

General Chat / Re: Whats with all the porn and spam??
« on: 20:18, Mon 29 August 2011 »
I have suspended new members until I find a solution to this as it is getting a joke..

General Chat / Re: Whats with all the porn and spam??
« on: 12:47, Sun 28 August 2011 »
As said it's constant battle with the spammers. I am looking to find a solution to stop them.

The last few days has seem alot of them signing up for some reason.

Site/Forum/Computers / Re: Redesign ideas
« on: 14:07, Sat 27 August 2011 »
Nope thats fine.. Always open to suggestions.

The 'Other Fast Renaults' page I want to bring it as up to date as possible and go back as far as the Turbo 2..

So between them 2 parameters what models would you include from Renault ?

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