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General Chat / Re: haha someone tryed to steal my 5!!!
« on: 13:14, Mon 01 November 2010 »
id like to rewire them lol

General Chat / Re: R5 gtt replica? good/bad?
« on: 15:15, Sun 31 October 2010 »
my campus was quite low milage and cipped like anythin, if u cant afford insurance on a turbo at the mo, id say it def worth goin 4

General Chat / Re: Car seat covers
« on: 15:13, Sun 31 October 2010 »
i bought sum from twigworth breakers in glouster which fitted quite nice they were black an grey

General Chat / Re: jesus christ!
« on: 15:11, Sun 31 October 2010 »
ahahaha funny as

General Chat / Re: haha someone tryed to steal my 5!!!
« on: 15:09, Sun 31 October 2010 »
had sum little f*** break in2 my saxo a while ago n nicked my whole sound system, sad times eh?

Your cars / Re: my very long track/road R5 gt turbo project
« on: 15:07, Sun 31 October 2010 »
proper tidy!!

Your cars / Re: My 89 GT-T
« on: 15:04, Sun 31 October 2010 »
looks tidy in that red mate, spesh for such an old car. good work!

Your cars / Re: My Phase 1 project
« on: 15:02, Sun 31 October 2010 »

Media / Re: Xbox live?
« on: 15:00, Sun 31 October 2010 »
bit unrelated, but my xbox as stopped workin any ideas? i can go on xbox live, it switchs on an boots up fine, but it wont read and discs, even brand new ones, havent had a red light or nuthing, bit stumped.....

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 13:10, Fri 01 May 2009 »
ahh nice one thankz for da advice guys, was worryin a lil bit lol.
las fing i want is my trusty 5 breakin on me. will av 2 get sum pics posted up.
nice 1! rich

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:30, Thu 30 April 2009 »
i c, surely it shudnt be makin a kinda tinklin noise tho it sounds kind of like sum1 rustlin foil?
thanks for ur help guys

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 12:52, Thu 30 April 2009 »
thanks mate, is that a bad thing for it to be making that noise then?
never really noticed it before but then i do alwayz have my tuns blaring! nice 1

hi guys, i've got a near enuff standard renault 5, got sum nice wheels n dat on it tho :)
recently ive noticed a kind of tickin noise coming from under my back seats and when i lifted up my back seats theres like a round disk wit sum wires goin into it, any one got any idea wot this is?
thankz guys, and would it be possible to install dump valves and a turbo on a standard r5?

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