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Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: throttle problem
« on: 22:32, Fri 19 February 2010 »
Do you run the short or long cable? (long over turbo, loops back)...? did you drive the car hard for the engine bay temps to get high the day before, mite be that you have slightly melted the plastic sleeve on the cable... not a fan of the long cables.. this has happened to 4 cars ive seen but was years ago too.... just a thought...

« on: 22:25, Fri 19 February 2010 »
hmmmmm, id only use this in last resort of tuning.. you cant feel octain, running 100 oct doesnt mean its faster than 95, its just more a controlable fuel, can withstand cyl heat/pressure better without just igniting. Both fuel is just as flamable as each other. Unless your car is tuned to require a certian fuel mix then i cant see point that much..

Checking gaps is a good thing to do, if you have a high tune/ boost your spark can easily get blown out (if you can call it that) if to large a gap, normaly around peak torq areas this will occur, 0.7 is fine to run, i run .8 on my turbo civic...

General Chat / Re: 551 bhp 5GTT
« on: 20:09, Wed 17 February 2010 »
Hondaman traps is what reflects a cars proper power not ETs.. the car is no more than 450hp and traps around 130mph.. his ETs are poor simply due to the wrong ratio within the vw box and very slow syn in the box (which he hopes hes improved this year), also the ratio in box in a couple gears has changed.. Basicly if you see it run the car drops huge rpm on shifts/drops spool etc and reflects to the poor ET.. ok it isnt poor as such but you get what im saying..

It use to run volvo crank as said, and with the lower piston height around 8:1 comp, also with the lower torq to keep things safe, the stock JC5 box did hold out well and never failed as such just got noiser and is a weak spot within his build so it had to go..

This year its back on a 172 crank but running a spacer plate and im sure it will be in the 10s soon if the box ratio works out well.. be good to see some torq curves etc to answer that best...

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: Fifth injector
« on: 22:14, Tue 10 November 2009 »
Its the MF2 system so it will use a map sensor to operate..

Renault 5 GT Turbo / Re: camber problem
« on: 20:06, Fri 23 October 2009 »
You can just elongate your strut bolt hole (top of the two of course) to make adjustable camber and save your money for beers.. dont forget chamber changes will effect toe...

General Chat / Re: euro style
« on: 22:26, Thu 22 October 2009 »

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 23:14, Fri 02 October 2009 »
sorry 4psi above boost at all times...

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 23:14, Fri 02 October 2009 »
Fit a fuel pressure gauage and re do the test and report back... fuel pressure will allways be 4psi above taken point of ref, so carb top if its still in OE placement...

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 22:57, Tue 25 August 2009 »
I can see damage there unless its dirty, you look at the runners of the balls for damage not the balls themselfs, if there is piting there is damage..

Not changing a worn bearing untill play can course problems when the time comes to change due to the heat the poor bearing has generated making it harder to press out.. From my experience once you have changed a bearing a couple of times it will become more freqent until you change your carrier due to distorsion from the changes..

To identify a poor bearing applying loud will direct to the corner (bearing) will direct you, BUT BE CAREFULL, look of much chamber you run on the front??? EG if you run high Neg chamber and you feel your N/S bearing is worn (noisey) you would instently apply a right hand lock and apply load to raise the noise level. Well you may find the the Inner ring of the bearing on the O/S can be worn.. I find this the case on some hard driven high chambered cars....

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 21:47, Fri 24 July 2009 »
OK IMO.. the stock cast mani can flow 300hp, also equal lenght manis dont make much difference on a turbo car over an N/A... also my civic runs a cheap kung fui cast short mani, Prob worse than a GT and its around 450bhp...

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 22:49, Sat 18 July 2009 »
Whats your fueling doing exactly? whats your afrs at this such rpm?

Advance a cam drops peak power..retard will raise it...You need to dial the cam to the suited lca to what grind the cam is ..But if its pulling in 2nd and not 3rd then it aint this. cam will effect every gear..

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 19:31, Tue 23 June 2009 »
Yep could well be head, i remember a few years back on my old GT i had this problem, i changed the gasket twice, also pressured the head with no joy, swaped the rad, the lot.... i then re checked the head but with alot of heat and the found the bugger... :)

General Chat /
« on: 18:48, Mon 22 June 2009 »
Ask away... :)  

Ps Yoko A048 wont work as a drag tyre, you prob can match them with a budget tyre to the 60ft... the best starter drag trye for the GT will be the 20" MT..... The MTs are capable of 1.7 60fts with a nice setup and a good torq range...

Renault 5 GT Turbo /
« on: 23:28, Sun 14 June 2009 »
DONT BIN YOUR OLD BOX.... ill warn peeps now, give it another few years and these will be like hot cakes... so mani peeps just bin boxs that can be fixed winds me up..keep it for spares...

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