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Quote from: "5teve L"
Sorry to everyone else but this Is the best Renault 5 GT Turbo on here, maybe even in the country !
Love it, makes me want another one sooo bad.. but then I look out the window... hehe.

i get what steve is saying here....

but then i look out the window and see this :

u cant see it...but the white 5 is just lurking behind the evo ;) that makes me smile everyday.... it would take something with the amount of fuel it takes :(

i always check this thread everytime i log on.. and everytime i bloody love it

Your cars / Re: 1/18 renault 5 gt turbo (garya's replica :))
« on: 00:18, Wed 03 February 2010 »
that is awesome

General Chat / Re: Break or not to break
« on: 22:19, Mon 02 November 2009 »
i would be a shame :(

i loved seeing pics of yours with the venoms on it... reminded me how much i loved the raider my girls dad has on the venoms :D

keep another 5 alive!

General Chat / Re: the vault
« on: 23:41, Wed 28 October 2009 »
ok, i went in... its full of loads of cool stuff... infact, its a bit like a night at the playboy mansion.

ok... really i havent been in yet  :)

General Chat / Re: the vault
« on: 01:09, Wed 28 October 2009 »
i forgot to go in   :oops:  :oops:

General Chat / Re: ronal turbo
« on: 01:07, Wed 28 October 2009 »
you absolutely do NOT want ronal turbos...

I do!!!!!

General Chat / Re: the vault
« on: 17:03, Fri 23 October 2009 »
cheers lee :)

General Chat / the vault
« on: 23:43, Thu 22 October 2009 »
how do i get access to the vault area?

and is it mega cool like i hope it is?

Your cars / Re: My black '89 GTT
« on: 23:10, Thu 22 October 2009 »
thats a nice looking 5.

love the decals on the side... very trick

General Chat / Re: euro style
« on: 22:46, Thu 22 October 2009 »
that red ones lovely!

as my bootlid has been replaced with a new one from renault, and doesnt have a wiper hole or spoiler mounts i`m debating keeping them both off.

have to agree a fully smoothed boot does look odd, and the 5 is a faily smooth car as standard bar the spoiler and wiper anyway.

General Chat / Re: euro style
« on: 00:14, Thu 22 October 2009 »
i`m a big jap car man...

but my attempt at euro will just be OEM, lowered and a set of rims, i really what ronal turbos but i havent even bought them and i`m getting slagged.. LOL

General Chat / Re: fuel filler moving
« on: 23:09, Wed 21 October 2009 »
would somewhere like Ktec or GT Tuning maybe have some old relocation kits?

no doubt a fortune, but worth an ask.

or possibly fabricate one? although i`m not sure what materials would technically be legal for use as a fuel filler neck

Newbies / Re: New
« on: 00:02, Wed 21 October 2009 »
welcome mate :)

not long on here myself. Loads of top blokes with plenty of info!!!

and plenty of 5`s out there needing a non chav home :D

Newbies / Re: another newbie from nothern ireland
« on: 17:14, Tue 20 October 2009 »
willy, i have a fully tungy for breaking, infact i was poking round your motor the morning it was in the iceman car park ;)

oh, and those guys after midnight in bangor in the subaru taking pics of it where mates of mine..... astounded that they had spotted a 5 in bangor :P

give me a shout if yor after anything at all :)

Newbies / Re: Kind of a newbie
« on: 17:11, Tue 20 October 2009 »
excellent mate! get some pics up!!!

what colour is she?

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